X: Ricky Larkin “Cliff Jensen is a predator. He preys on young girls in bad positions, gives them drugs, and tries to “help” them with their career when he never had one himself.”

The post was deleted by Ricky.

Sean Harding on fake cumshotsAnother episode of the real side of porn. Those loads dripping out of holes – sometimes aren’t.


  1. Robert buoniconti

    The ink is just too much across the board

    • Steve

      I dislike it when people like Aspen use their autism to justify their shitty behavior.

      It makes the ones who are pleasant seem insignificant in a sea of assholes.

      • James

        Aspen is going through a very hard time having lost multiple relatives over the last few years. Autism doesn’t make people say mean things, but sometimes they can be too blunt unintentionally. There’s a difference btwn intent & unintentional behavior.

        • JR

          If you are “going through a very hard time” but you still feel the need to post on social media for attention, then you’re not having a hard time. You’re a narcissist.

        • Reg

          Aspen has been like this since before he lost anyone. It’s not grief and it’s not autism, it’s just Aspen being Aspen.

          • Nat

            I think you mean it’s Aspen being Asspen.

          • Bsg67

            Not an excuse, he’s a douche and using tragic loses and autism as an out is vile and grotesque, just get therapy ahole

        • Andy

          The hate gay men got on this board for models who have sex with FTM is ridiculous. These men are SEX WORKERS not ROLE MODELS. Their job is to give fans a fantasy. The gays get so upset when a man fucks or eats pussy yet work in gay porn. It is a JOB they use Twitter to market themselves. Yet the gay men here take it so personally.

          • James

            Guys…eat & fucking pussy generally goes against the notion of being “gay”, whether it be FTM or cis girls/women. I say this to guess how these gays might think: To most, “choosing” to identify as “gay” = liking cis men & cis born penis. Guys who choose to identify as Bi/straight/pan etc. can mean liking, well everything.

            I personally think they’re like this because the “norm” is being hetero, straight. Gays are still discriminated against & face hatred, physical, emotional, mental attacks & in some cases are killed & they see being “gay” as being unique, different, outside the norm. It’s them having their own space, so they see people born as girls who transition to guys & sleeping with gays as a way of “converting” gay, invading their space.

            Maybe some do take it more personally than others due to their home grown environment. They aren’t as open minded etc. Idk, just a guess.

  2. AndThenTheresMaude

    Dolf Dietrich and Colby Jansen are just dumpster fires that continuously reignite as soon as someone throws a lit cigarette at em.

    Apparently Colby just set up his own “studio space” to produce AND to be rented out to make porn ( after being turned down by other studios when he tried to “make a comeback”) AND Dolf is back with his toxic twin/ on – off again partner Jack.

  3. G

    Greyson lane thinks that he is a dom top with that tiny thing, that’s hilarious…

  4. alan

    Not that I don’t question the Cliff narrative, BUT Ricky Larkin, of all people, casting aspersions? THAT one needs good hard look in the mirror (if it doesn’t shatter from the reality of his past..and present).

  5. NovaStar

    Ricky Larsen/Cliff Jensen: they’re both creeps so it’s like 🤷🏽‍♂️fuck them both.

    Pierce Paris: I’m not a fan of his but regarding what he said about performers who don’t like being asked if they do this or that, like the saying goes “a broken clock is right twice a day” & he is absolutely right, performers shouldn’t be mad when people question their performances. It comes with the territory doing work like this. I said it in another site a long time ago & even to some performers directly, if you can’t handle the fact that fans & the general public will want to see you do more than what they’re doing or just to do basic stuff like sucking dick, then they have no business doing porn. It’s amazing how many performers will get mad at questions or suggestions at making a film better but that speaks to who they are and I’m glad that Pierce understands that.

    Dolf Dietrich: that’s one wild story. Damn

    Sean Harding: what he said was the truth and i think it bears repeating. It’s all fantasy & there is serious power in editing.

    Papi Kogic: the pic tells me the film is going to be a hot ass mess.

    MEN: that pic tells me that they are trolling all of us, which is more reason why that site needs to die already.

    Nick Cranston: what the fuck happened to his balls? Jesus 😳

    Colby Jansen: wow he looks horrible.

    Masculine Jason: the tattoo on his ass looks exactly how I thought it would look – hideous, just like his films.

    Mateo Tomas: isn’t that the guy who fucks trans men? If he don’t go sit down somewhere with his bullshit.

    Robert Royal: that tattoo looks gross.

    • James

      Mateo? He did one straight/bi scene & that’s it as far as I know.

      You have varied opinions. All interesting, some truthful, others a bit too harsh.

  6. JR

    Papi Kocic, is one of, if not THE biggest self aggrandizing, attention seeking narcissists out there.

  7. Reg

    Since when does Ricky stay out of drama? Ricky is drama.

    I’m not surprised at Cliff in the least though. He has always had that vibe to him.

    If you can’t afford to spend a grand on your dinner Papi, then stick to Taco Bell or eating out of dumpsters.

    Dolf, you’re a violent an unrepentant meth addict. My bet is that HE was the one who cancelled, when YOU changed Poppers to Meth.

  8. Bastian

    @Mateo: So fucking cis women and trans people is supposed to validate us as gay men? LOL

    • logogay

      I think “wannabe gay” Mateo doesn’t take himself so seriously anymore in posts like this. Who should believe him or the other “gaybaiters” in Gayporn anymore?

  9. logogay

    Posting the whole “straight drama” and life of this “G4Payer Group” again in a gay blog and in Pride month is really sad! Which gay even cares about all the drama or the private lives of these “gay baiters”? It should finally be an end to these senseless publications of posts like this that have absolutely nothing to do with gay porn!
    And MEN/MG and their “superstars” (LOL) Malik or Papi also do “hypocritical advertising” again in order to continue to stir up rumors and post things that might happen in the future, which is always a bottomless disappointment anyway and people throw their money out the window on such rubbish! Gay porn is getting worse and more hypocritical every month. Especially all the posts. At best they drive away gays, but they definitely won’t gain any new fans!

  10. baz

    Racist Ricky Larkin and Chlamydia Cliff are two turds in the same shitty toilet bowl.

    • Reg

      “Chlamydia Cliff” makes me laugh every time!

  11. Eric

    It’s funny how Pierce Paris says he needs a gym membership to take his workouts to the next level. He could afford a home gym that is at least as good as anything in commercials gyms. I bet he wants a gym membership so he can have a reason to get away from his wife and children.

    • Andy

      Pierce Paris is already fucking men and women and wife knows about. Pierce gets criticized but he is one of the best models in gay porn. He bottoms like a champ.Good looking man and big cock. She probably accepts he isn’t monogamous. He is definitely one of the best models in gay porn. His cock is rock hard when he gets fucked. She has got to be a really open minded woman. They got a young baby too. Pierce is also on a gay escort site yet he lied on twitter and said he doesn’t prostitute himself. He is definitely a really good model because he works in many genres of porn. But the amount of sex this guy gets with men and women. He is definitely successful.

  12. Cherrystick

    Mateo is awful. He’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Those who work in the inner realms. His approach and words speak one thing and his actions and penis speaks another.

    When he did that ill-fit bisexual and trans scenes, he tried to use that same for the greater good bullshit. Saying he was doing the scenes for the representation of the “QUEER” community. Even though he was depicted having oral and vaginal sex with a woman, he’s still gay and that his actions unites gay, bi, trans blah blah blah. His ass got blasted by the true gay men and he tries it again saying he welcomes the criticisms and our views are valid.

    None of his actions helps homosexuality. If anything it helps perpetuate the narrative that gay men can be persuaded. This is rhetoric that is whispered amongst many in the bisexual and trans side of it all as well. It’s just as harmful as the whole “my first pussy and it was amazing” or “finally lost my gold star” or when trans performers say “gave a gay man his first pussy” or “took his pussy virginity”. To some bisexuals etc… that might sound hot but to us gays, it’s disheartening and we just look at each other and say “another one”.

    MATEO, you’re not gay people’s savior in the adult industry. Stop the lies and misguided attempts and take several seats.

  13. Bsg67

    Colby Jansen once fun to watch now has a body of a worn out retread tire that’s deflated and an ugly personality based on his social media while somone like Paul Wagner gets better with age

  14. Bruiser

    Malik bottoming…wake me when he’s done.

    • Alex

      Malik is “bottoming”, it’s obviously fake. But faking is their daily bread.

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