Back in action: Chemistry and Ruslan Angelo

Chemistry (aka Camilio and Tiago Santana) first had scenes released at Bi Latin Men a year ago. He is back on the site as the bottom to Idriz.

He joined X in 2020 as Tiago Santana. [h/t JoJo]

His studio scenes were filmed last year since he now has a tattoo on his upper left arm.

Ruslan Angelo [movies] is known for his scenes at Lucas Entertainment from 2017 to 2022.

He is back. His scene with Samuel Hodecker is up next at Men At Play.

+ Ruslan was introduced in 2012 as Ron Bailey at Bentley Race.


  1. simp

    Chemistry is so hot. I just hope he doesn’t get any more distracting ink.

  2. logogay

    Both actors are adorable. Also, I love all the Lations at BLM because at least they only focus on gay porn and are good at what they do.

    • baz

      I’ll agree on that. BiLatinMen scenes are always hot, the overwhelming majority of the models are into the sex and kissing.

    • logogay

      And I also love the Asian gay porn market.
      Hunk, @Games, COAT, KO Tube, Trance Video, G-Ona, Men`s Camp, Men`s Rush TV and and and. These actors there are so hot, athletic, male, young or older and damn cool. They have better G4P or bi guys there who just don’t care who they are or what they fuck. You can literally see how horny they are in the scenes. And that’s exactly what counts in porn. It’s all about sex and not any stories/fantasies that are told around it and “queer ideas” are brainwashed to customers or porn lovers like in America! Also European gay porn or latin gayporn ist so hot. All of this is much better than the “American gay porn market”, where there are hardly any studios left at the moment. And then they claim to produce gay porn even though they are straight porn studios like MG or Adult Time with their crossover actors who only downplay their “work”! How sad. But that’s just my opinion. Everyone else should live in their fantasy/queer world in America…

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