Brody Meyer, Dillon Diaz, and Riley Mitchel

The feet of Brody Meyer are the latest addition at My Friends’ Feet. Brody is currently in second place as your favorite model for the month of June.

A grandma’s recipe that included the load of Bama Romello was the food served to Dillon Diaz at Himeros TV.

It’s another tall guy with a big dick for Riley Mitchel. Five days ago, it was Crush Daddy at Bait Buddies. Today, it’s Miguel Rey at Extra Big Dicks (Pride Studios).


  1. Magnus

    I’m not necessarily into feet. But I’d enjoy exploring every inch of Brody Meyer. Feet and all!

  2. Nick

    Brody Meyer: sexy Ginger. Dillon Diaz: boring and not interesting.

    • Philby

      Agree about Dillon but Bama Romello is hot!

  3. Alex

    Next to the definition of “crackhead” you’ll find pics of riley.

    • JR

      Right? Between the meth mouth that he was trying to beg for money with a gofundme to get them fixed, to the hair, the skin and the sketchy rough looking tattoos. I feel like I got all the STDs just from looking at his picture.

  4. Jktooo

    Feet r not my thing EXCEPT they can be truth tellers about how much a guy is getting his pleasure on.. what i mean is a guy is feeling unspoken pleasure when his feet are arching, toes are curling and his feet are stretching-out whether getting a BJ, HJ or fucking. My fave of all time is Jack King..,super hot when his feet r doing sexy things!

    • Jktooo

      I will clarify i would NEVER suck or lick someones feet.

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