1. NovaStar

    Sir Peter’s films are hit & miss but when they’re a hit, it’s explosive & that scene with him & Rhyheim looks like a nuclear bomb! I wanna see that one big time.

  2. Nick

    I dismiss the scene with Rhyheim. I would rather watch a Sir Peter´s solo to admire his beauty. He is a powerful and magnetic man.

  3. Jktooo

    What a fkn gorgeous manly man! Love it!

  4. Solitaire

    Sir Peter is pure sex!
    I love almost all of his scenes.
    I just pray he doesn’t do down the FTM route.
    An instant thrill kill for me.

    • Dom50

      Looks like we’re looking for a reason to be pissed…. So… fingers crossed!

    • baz

      Please don’t even speak that possibility into the universe!

  5. JR

    The fact that he has anything to do with Rhyheim really brings him down.
    Rhyheim is known as one of the most unpleasant, narcissistic people in porn. Really thinks he is “creating art” with his films. Take your skinny chicken legs and your constant duck lips poses and disappear.

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