Newbies: Caden Dior, Lynx Rivera, and Eros Manos

The first scene of the 6’2″ Caden Dior at Say Uncle (via Missionary Boys) had him top Gio Carrera.

Gio shot his load while he rubbed his cock up and down with his palm.

Caden is into financial domination.

The first scene of Lynx Rivera at Naked Sword had him in a flip-fuck with Jona Ortiz.

Lynx is not on X, or he is using a different name.

Eros Manos is up next at Hot House as the bottom to Derek Kage.


  1. souse

    What the fuck is financial domination?

    • W

      Basically people with low self esteem letting grifters steal from them.

      Exploiting people’s mental health issues for financial gain.

      Grifters like Caden Dior, apparently.

  2. logogay

    The only thing that bothers me her in the adorable pictures in this gay porn scenes is Derek Kage. He should finally stop pretending to be gay and make straight/bi/queer porn!

    • MoJo

      Why, he is gay. He surely can’t be anything else based on all his scenes and movies.

  3. baz

    Eros is so hot.

    Too bad he was paired with Derek Kage though.

    This is why we can’t have nice things!

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