Poll: Jean Laurent, Brody Meyer, Ben Trafford, or Hudson Malone? (June 2024)

The weekly poll winners for June.

Week 1 – Jean Laurent (2022 and 2024) of Belami Online

Week 2 – Brody Meyer of Men

Week 3 – Ben Trafford of Belami Online

Week 4 – Hudson Malone of Fresh Men and Flirt 4 Free [room]

Vote for your favorite.

Jean Laurent, Brody Meyer, Ben Trafford, or Hudson Malone?
624 votes
Ends on 07/31/2024


  1. H

    It makes me horny that you blurred out the twink in brody meyers picture so we could focus exclusively on brody’s naked body only and his erect Penis. But who is the twink? He also looks good

  2. Philby

    The three BelAmi models all look the same to me.
    I think BA is struggling. Most of the big talent has either switched to OnlyFans or left porn.
    And they seem to be permanently offering discounted membership. Not a good sign.

    • baz

      Yeah, BA rolled into “anatomically correct Ken doll straight off the assembly line” territory for me quite some time ago.

      I switched to WH for my occasional Euro fix.

  3. Miel

    Brody Meyer can be the only choice. The others are far too young and should not be shown here.

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