Josh Mendes, Tim Kruger, and Spikey Dee

The 20-year-old Josh Mendes is the latest addition at Fresh Men. He is the younger brother of Shane Mendes. Like his older brother [room], Josh does live cam shows at Flirt 4 Free [room].

The 43-year-old Tim Kruger now has scenes listed at Tim Tales under the intergenerational category. The latest was his scene with Canaillou.

The 21-year-old Spikey Dee mentioned Austin Wolf in a post on X about his age-play scene with Ace Carter.


  1. NovaStar

    Another case of every film looking horrible. Not a good way to end the 4th Of July.

  2. logogay

    Spikey is a fool. He shouldn’t add more fuel to the fire and use such statements to stir up something that doesn’t exist. Austin Wolf was a perverted pig who did things in his private life that had nothing to do with porn as a general business!
    To now label and brand all porn with younger and older actors as phadophile porn, even though it has been like this for decades, is madness. What about MILF porn in the straight porn buisness? There, young men who are just 18 years old are paired with old pussies and no one gets upset about it?
    I feel like now they’re just looking for another reason to badmouth and destroy gay porn.
    And now only GAYporn! What many people (including here on this blog) actually have in mind. They shouldn’t base current events on the porn business and work and make a drama out of everything.
    Otherwise, we would have to ban all types of fantasies/preferences from porn. And then? What then? This will not be able to erase people who have abnormal fantasies from their lives and it is not the solution to these problems! I don’t want to know how many people sit in high positions behind the chairs in this industry and do things like that! The world consists not only of good but also of evil. But that was always the case.

    • logogay

      Oh and just a note. The big and powerful money companys MG! or AdultTime!, who have “bought” into gay porn, produce most of these films in their Straightporn section! Spikey Dee filming their MILF Porns the most! Just as saying.

    • Camille

      Josh Mendes justo average for My taste. Maybe 2.5 or 3 out of 5.
      Tim Tales never dissapoints me. I love the concept of rough sex like animals in the wild. 5 out of 5
      Spikey Dee although he is not my cup of tea, I find his big dick and stamina very appealling. He’s also right about his stance on barely legal sex concept vs Austin Wolf case. One is just fantasy, perfectly legal and ethical, the other one is not. Also if we are civilians we should respect the presumption of innocence when it comes to Wolf.

      • baz

        And THERE you are, the Austin Wolf apologist.

        I guess all that child porn involving infants just happened to be left at his place by an acquaintance, huh?

  3. R47

    It’s disgusting about Austin. And off course it’s not the usual about gay porn. I do find some older/younger borderline creepy, especially if the younger person looks barely legal. Some of the models with LeGrand Wolf fall into that category. I find Wolf handsome, just wish he would appear with guy like Roman Todd, Aiden ApWard, Lane Colton, Sean Xavier. And I would love to see him bottoming.

    I also think that the MILF porn creepy, and the old men and women are, IMO really creepy.

    • logogay

      I think it’s blatant (and we can see that again at the moment) that if it’s gay porn or an actor from gay porn, we immediately demonize everything and make gay so bad that there should be another reason why we shouldn’t exsess! As if everything only ever happened to us. I say everyone to look at the straight people and “their” porn! With all their milfs porn or girls in schoolgirl outfits with old men or adult men or their “Incestporn themes” with Sisters/Brothers, Daughters/Sons or Grandaughters/Grandsons or Sex with real pregnet womans! Nobody says anything to this porn! Why? Because it’s straightporn and therefore “normal” for “this” people! And that is exactly the truth!

  4. Bangle

    That spikey dee shit is repugnant and he knows exactly what he’s doing. He’s in bedsheets for preschoolers, holding his teddy bear. It isn’t age play, it’s glorifying pedophilia.

  5. Cherrystick

    His weasel looking ass and his dumb ass co-star needs to take several seats. Don’t take a sigh of relief because one of your fellow creepy porn fuckers got caught. Don’t try to use the Austin situation as a coping mechanism to the pedo inspired porn you tried to produce. Then you decided to use the pic of you and the dinosaur sheets as a troll? Gross!

    Austin’s ass actually did it and the two of you actually fucked in a little boy’s bedroom while holding his toy and screwing on his sheets. Age play like that is disgusting. Doesn’t matter if it’s str8, bi, gay or trans. Ace was “taking you to school and fucked you before he did”.

    Again, the whole but he and she did it so why can’t I argument and defense is lame. Well I wonder why you and Ace were banned off the platforms?! Cause they know its creepy too.

    If you thought this was your redemption, think again. Porn boys are going to be even more careful not to produce anything related to this genre and they’re going to stay clearly away from you and Ace.

  6. Alex

    I legit want to beat the fuck out of spikey and those like him.

      • Cherrystick

        Tell me where to meet up, I’m ready for this. I’ll bring Ace.

  7. JR

    “43 year old Tim Kruger”. Best laugh I’ve had all year. She’s pushing 60.

    • Solitaire

      He’s a gorgeous, virile man in his 40’s, not you.

  8. Solitaire

    Tim can get it, all day, every day.
    Doesn’t Spikey Dee do MILF porn?

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