1. logogay

    So I never believe the information on individual porn sites at all. Because when I subscribe/buy something, I convince myself and don’t believe what they write or design on their pages. Likewise, if they show how popular or how often a scene was viewed in percentages or with numbers, that is also fake. Of course, every porn site only looks to highlight the best of their products! This is just a business. You can especially see this on porn sites like MEN/MG where there is a lot of lying/cheating. The entire website already looks like this. Above all, the note that it is a GAYporn site even though they film and publish fuck scenes with women ervery month!

    • Phil H

      Men.com really does live rent free in your head, it’s actually reached the stage where I’m embarrassed when I see your posts because they’re so predictable and cretinous. You seem to spend all your time obsessing over men fucking vaginas. I think you need to just accept your true self and come out as straight.

      • logogay

        That would turn you on and make you happy if another gay man fucked a women and then said he was straight, am I right? Just as you always defend it, when something like this is filmed and published in gay porn and you think this kind of “modern conversion therapy” in gay porn is good. You belong to the Queer/Bi/Straight/Fluid/Pan agenda and since I exposed you, you’ve only been writing out of revenge. That’s ok because I don’t care and I will never keep my mouth shut when it comes to this and will expose these “agendas” and their people as long as I can!

      • logogay

        You’re a stupid queer/bi/straight/fluid/pan cunt who gets annoyed because I tell the truth and that always upsets you. You can not stop me. The more you write and argue, the more I won’t keep my mouth shut! You’re just doing the opposite of what you think you can achieve, you LOSER!

        • Prina

          I’m flattered! I thought you said you don’t care what I say, but here you are, still assuming (wrongly obviously) and replying… you are so sad LOL

  2. baz

    Well, as much as I like Stryker, Id like to see more of his bottoming because he was so hot doing it, hard all the way through and enjoying it.

    • sdsr

      Stryker looks as though he could be hot, but in the few scenes of his I’ve seen, regardless of whether he’s top or bottom, I’ve not seen him cum. Maybe I’ve just missed the scenes where he does?

      • baz

        I hadn’t seen him top, I’d only seen him as a bottom in that OF scene, but he didn’t cum in that.

        He isn’t cumming as a top either ?

  3. Jktooo

    Liam is fkn gorgeous! Jay Stryker is fkn sexy!

  4. JE

    How much did Riley’s gofundme begging raise for his new teeth he ain’t smiling so I’m guessing not enough.

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