1. Sean

    Derek looks like he aged well. The other two, OMG…no!

  2. bo69

    Tomas Gala ID’d as gay in his Erotic Solo, he looks better in video than photos

  3. Magnus

    Atlas is still sexy. Still taking care of himself.
    No idea who Gala is. Not particularly impressive, then or now.
    Kalvo used to be absolutely perfect. Now he looks pregnant. And would fit right in at a MAGA rally.

  4. Bruiser

    Derek Atlas has been escorting in LV since Sinatra was playing the Sands.

    • Steve

      Brad Kelvo is one strange dude.

      I’ve seen interviews where he’s kinda laid back but comes off a bit nutty.

    • Scott

      His escort profile lists him as 34 when he’s probably in his early 40’s.

  5. Nick

    Tomas Gala is gorgeous and he is hotter now. Very beautiful face.
    Derek Atlas is sexy.

  6. Dogfufu fufu

    I prefer Brad when he just enter into the industry. He was a muscle bear but as time goes by, he has become a chubby bear.

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