X: Jimmy Fit “Help me raise money for a new couch!”

Go Fund Me of Jimmy “Help me raise money for a new couch!

Xavier Zane (aka Chris of SC) “I told ya’ll a performer Ray Diesel raped me 3 years ago.


  1. Steeno

    How is asking for money to buy a couch a “fundraiser?”

  2. JB

    Once again Diesel Washington has hit the nail right on the freakin head with his summary of the whole Austin Wolf shitshow from the porn industry angle.

    (And whoever, or whatever, a Jacob Diaz is, he is also a complete douche nozzle.)

    Thanks for the collection, Denz.

      • Fathom

        Someone who needs to take an English class.

      • Denz

        Jacob Diaz aka Junior Fernandez (Broke Straight Boys) https://www.menofporn.blog/2023/12/if-you-miss-him-junior-fernandez-and-adam-wirthmore.html

    • Levi Randolph

      Question? Why does a gay porn site promote someone like Jacob Diaz? Who the fuck is he? Why are you allowing, someone who is negative and hateful towards the lgbtq+ community, to have a voice on this site. Just, a little rant, bit too often “gay” sites give hateful, homophobic, transphobic, just assholes on their sites. And what’s worse, you seem to promote them. I am 60 fucking years old and what seems like internalized self hate-And the bullshit need to suck a straight man’s dick, has gotten fucking old. If they aren’t positive toward all in the community, then get rid of them. Stop promoting them. Have some fucking respect for yourself and your readers. CUT THE BULLSHIT!

      • Dom50

        It’s to get folks that need validation through social media to respond, why would anyone that has their own respect care about what anyone says on any media format.

  3. Alex

    Y’all have no fucking idea the disgust when I say this, but these motherfuckers obviously need to get a punch or two in their face. This industry is a magnet for some of the darkest, mentally unwell, sex riddled fiends this planet has to offer. Porn isn’t real life, but to think these prolapsed uk cigarette creatures exist irl make me lower my respect for gay/bi men as a whole because clearly we’re not ready to have a conversation about how broken, uncultured and out of control most of us really are.

    • Neil

      OMG! Uncultured gays! Someone really deserves a punch in the face.

    • Bert

      And yet we see a post from you just about EVERY DAY. Porn isn’t real life, but it appears that you need to get one.

      • Alex

        And yet y’all are here as well, so really, who needs to get a life lmao

  4. NovaStar

    It’s fascinating seeing all the people talking about the Austin Wolf situation. There’s so many people who are just as guilty of being accomplices and they need to be grilled just as much as he does. I would really love to see the whole incest theme in gay porn be eradicated, but unfortunately because so many of us continue to buy this content, it’s going nowhere. This should be turning point in gay porn but I fear just gonna be same old same old in a couple months. Let’s see what these performers talking this talk and the studios do and see if all these incest-themed websites go away or not. I’m not holding my breath.

  5. NovaStar

    With Xavier Zane, I didn’t get to comment last week but i never had good vibes about Ray Diesel so I’m not shocked by this news. I’d this is true, i hope he gets fried up & grilled the same way Austin Wolf is getting fried up now.

    Johnny Fit: If that motherfucker don’t go out and get his sorry ass a job somewhere. I’ll be damned if i spare my hard earned money to help this idiot get a couch just so he can have sex on it. And I’ve liked a lot of his content, but I’d be the biggest moron walking if I flicked a penny at that fool. He better go somewhere with that mess.

  6. Evolve

    There really should not be a link to Jimmy Fit’s “fundraiser” which is nothing more than a grift.
    Also, who the f*ck is Jacob Diaz and what is he doing in this site? He hates gay and trans people and thinks the church should be able to influence the government. He’s f*cking disgusting!

  7. asis

    with regards to austin wolf, I hate to say it, but lets let him have his day in court then decide.

  8. Magnus

    Besides AW’s tendency to film with absurdly young looking, yet adult-aged boys, how would anyone have known that he was truly a pedo? Based on all sorts of comments floating around the forums for years, this was well known. I always assumed it was typical trolling. But who really knew about it?

    • Reg

      Well, unfortunately without raiding his phone, his computer or being one of his victims, no one knew for sure, but he certainly made me feel uncomfortable. There was a vibe and a creepiness. He came across as disgusting and although no one could prove it; it’s also come as no surprise to many, myself included.

    • John

      He was also spreading STDs.
      A minor also said that Austin filmed him and put it on his site.

  9. Sean

    Miguel Rey – gross, I don’t know how anyone would just give you money. Plus, to brag about someone that “wants” to be taken advantage of is crazy.
    Cole Connor – I can’t take him serious on anything after his “attack”.
    Owen Hawk – I like RFC, however, now you are rethinking things? Didn’t seem to bother you all these years.
    Jimmy Fit – I admire your sexy body. However, asking for money for furniture… do more porn and/or get another job!
    Ty Roderick – always sexy!

  10. Bsg67

    Looks like in the wake of Austin Wolf pedo porn work has rightfully dried up and he’s going to have to dirty bulk hit the gym and the tren …and finally look like a man

  11. Cherrystick

    I still find it amusing how a majority of these fellow porn guys are de punching their association and frolicking with Austin Wolf. I’m a firm believer in gut feelings and being aware of the room. How many of us as porn consumers felt cringe when seeing or dealing with Austin? I observe and post on many blogs and on just about all of them including that toxic LPSG, the gays were completely not feeling him and his constant tit twisting and teen teasing typecasting.

    Now if we felt it, the men and trans models who were stripping naked to fuck him didn’t feel the same thing? They didn’t see it themselves from his posts? Look at the dude Damien_X_ who he filmed with right before his arrest. This guy looks like a teenage boy and yet people were eating that shit up like breakfast. BTW all those other guys are passing him around like a one dollar bill.

    Now that there’s outrage, you all are speaking up. There is one post that I’m happy about and that’s Derek Bolt. There needs to be questions and decisions made from now on about the content and people these OF lab rats film with from now on.

    The incest, barely legal think thing needs to stop. The other creators who feature this as their main genre need to find a different approach.

    • Cherrystick

      BTW all of these men form past and present are speaking up and out against Austin BUT…

      That group who went to the island to have that fuck fest. The whole content group are quiet as hell. Not one of them has come to the forefront to disavow themselves from him. Crickets hunny.

      We have Alex Grant. He’s the one who tried to make a mockery post about pride by fucking some woman and telling her he wants to impregnate her pussy. Captioning it “Happy Pride Month”. Then going in the comments saying that he makes most of his life and posts gay. Then also posts pics with a whole lot of people like himself and said that he loves chatting it up with his fellow gays. Dude you’re not gay. You’re bisexual. Nothing wrong with that but stop the mislabeling. He’s a weirdo and has strange alignments that should be noted.

      Then you’ve got one that said something about Austin. That was trans model, Noahwaybabes. Noah said we need to take a look at the people who has filmed with him.

      I’m giving a true side-eye cause didn’t you just let him eat and fuck your pussy recently for your fans page? Wasn’t this a round two or something for you? So should we be taking a look at you too. If I’m not mistaken, wasn’t it filmed during that weird ass content creator island crap. Lame ass.

      • logogay

        We can no longer trust a single actor in gay porn and, above all, believe what they say. Especially when it comes to their sexuality or sexual preferences. Everyone lies and cheats somewhere. Also the studios that were bought by “Hetero/Queer Agendas”. What have we experienced in the last few years? That’s why gay porn has reached its lowest point. Gays are disappearing because they are fed up with these lying barons. There are only bi’s, queer’s, the “Z Generation” or women left who subscribe to these sites/OF or performers. They can declare gay porn DEAD! OFFICIALLY!

      • Isiah

        Noahwaybabes Needs to shut the hell up. She needs to be investigated herself. She’s a fucking hypocrite just like all those other transgender male porn stars a.k.a. straight women who did a video with Austin wolf and they were bragging that Austin wolf was fucking their pussy

  12. Cherrystick

    This weeks posts just shows you the highest level of fucking cringe and second hand embarrassment. Just about every single snippet makes you say “what in the flying fuck is wrong with these men”.

    Diesel is correct and his sentiments are along the same as mine in my previous posts.

    I tried searching the depths of my crazy ass brain to remember Jacob Diaz and then it hit me. I remembered him on BSB and he went by Junior Fernandez. He was a prolific fucker on that site and eventually moved on to Chaturbate where he took on the look you see now. I’ll leave that there and won’t get into some of his views. I’ll let you guys deal with that.

    While we’re discussing genres that are getting played out. Miguel Rey and the many others who do this “cash faggot” bullshit is annoying and strange. There’s no way in bloody hell that I’m giving you money for belittling me and calling me names. Times are tough as hell. I better hear inspiring stuff to make me feel good and even then you might get $10.

    Damien I’m glad you had a good pride cause I didn’t. Pride has become too over sexual. I literally saw ass cheeks, sacks, tits and more parading everywhere in my city’s pride festival. Sad part was that there were some teens and youth there. It was crazy. Look at San Francisco and that crazy shit. That was basically porn shoots. There were people fucking in window ledges etc…. Pride really has become a mockery of its former self and the true message of acceptance and inclusion. We’re already getting bad reps. This doesn’t help. Not every pride festival was like this but they were out there. I know we’re out the closet but damn can we leave our slutty outfits and dildos back in there?!

    Jimmy Fit. Goodwill or Walmart. That’s is all.

    The last cringe fest idiot is Spikey. I’ve said much but this guy makes me feel like getting physical and it scares me. You creepy twerp little fucker. You’re trying your best to use anything to justify your choices with your idiot friend Ace. It’s not gonna work. You fucked in a child’s room, on his bed, on his sheets, holding his toy and you did it while pushing a storyline of an underage boy getting fucked by dad before school. Me explaining it sounds fucked up and you actually doing it is even worse. Then to use Austin’s pedophilia and use the fact that others have done similar things as your line of justification and defense is abhorrent.

    No one will work with you especially now that your fellow men, women and trans models are being very strategic as to what they’re producing and who they’re doing it with. You need to sit the fuck down and take several seats for yourself and Ace. You two ruined your porn careers and I’m so happy you did.

  13. Gooncrazy

    This Austin Wolf situation is not a surprise. I stopped watching his stuff because the guys(even though of age) looked way too young for my comfort. Lets not act like the older man, younger boy fetish is not a thing. It just makes me wonder how many of these pornstars who are distancing themselves knew about and maybe where involved in these acts as long as no one found out.

  14. tig68

    Diesel needs to keep quiet and not say anything at all. If no one knew about what was going on with Austin Wolf because no one is a mind reader, then he doesn’t need to be making it sound as if what Austin did was ok. Because it is not ok for any adult to have anything to do with children for their enjoyment. Diesel is just as fuckin sick as Austin is.

    And Jimmy Fitt if you need a new couch get a job or don’t spend the money you make on scenes you do on frivolous things and get the things you really need in life. It’s called prioritizing.

    • Diesel Washington

      You need to shut the fuck up…
      How dare you compare me to a Pedo like Austin. You are talking out your ass and if memory serves me correctly. YOU were one of Austin fans for many years praising his work for Randy Blue and Falcon. Also you are ALWAYS putting down models of color, because your agenda is young white males regardless if Bi or Pan or G4P as long as they are white u could careless of their criminal past or low moral compass.
      Stop posting ur racists comments, I can see right through you and your white only agenda. You sick ignorant racist fuck. You are the hypocrite that needs to stay quiet.

    • IDK

      You’re comparing a guy who is denouncing a child abuser with an actual child abuser. That’s shameful.

      Do I even need to say how moronic this is? Also, as far as I’m aware of, Diesel never promoted or shot with Austin Wolf, unlike many of the people in this industry who are still silent about this.

      Also, cut the crap on the “nobody is a mind reader” bullshit. Fuck off.

      For years Austin Wolf has been acting like a sex pest, with shit like the flight attendant fiasco and the way he treats the people he shoots with being very well documented. His penchant for shooting with increasingly younger partners is also another point of contention people have been bringing to light for years.

      You lack reading comprehension if you think any of what Diesel said makes light of the shit Austin Wolf did.

      Fuck off.

  15. Isiah

    It’s funny how all these mutilated mentally ill straight women like Noahwaybabes speaking out on the AW situation even though she allowed him to eat her out and fuck her and I’m starting to say this is a so-called gay porn star is having sex with a woman, including a transgender man. That means they are fucking anything. I will never trust a bisexual, gay porn star who label himself as gay. one of AW last movies with with a transgender man a.k.a. biological woman so Austin wolf is a bisexual pedophile

    • Reg

      With Austin, I think the only label that fits is pervert. We’re talking about a “man” who’s attracted to 10 year olds and infants. Perverted, diabolical, monster.

  16. joe

    Jim Fits request is so funny, i wanna buy him a new couch 🤪

  17. Shane

    I think it’s more disgusting for these porn performers to push and force these mutilated women’s poon on us GAY men, then the allegations against AW. These mentally disturbed women are trying to invade and colonise spaces for GAY men. Sorry no amount of T will make your XX chromosomes XY, keep your poon elsewhere

    • Cherrystick

      C’mon Diesel Washington. You too?!?!

      Not Diesel writing in the last few hours that he’s fucked trans men too. He claims because they gave him oral and he only fucked them in the ass that he felt like it was cool. The vagina does nothing for him.

      Dude you’re just like the rest of the same guys you’ve been calling out on these posts. You slid your dick into a biological female’s ass. We see guys doing the same thing in str8 porn and in the queer pork you claim to detest.

      We don’t call it gay. They’re fucking biological females in the ass too. Just because you didn’t eat and fuck their pussies doesn’t change the fact that you’re engaging in sex with them. Damn Diesel.

      Now those same guys that read you posts and had something to say against you are going to be the same ones calling you a hypocrite and tell you to STFU cause you’ve done the same thing they’re actively doing.

      • baz

        Diesel’s one of them too?!

        *deep sigh*

        • Cherrystick

          Yep. He did all that talking on here just to try his best to say that it was 20 years ago and he only fucked them on the ass not their vaginas. He last got called out for participating in some str8 water sport porn where he got a BJ from the woman urinated on her while she urinated on someone else. The whole time he participated in the same stuff he tries to criticize now. He claims he was in his experimental phase. It’s a shame.

  18. Nick

    Hayden Brier: Good luck, gorgeous!
    The CC Boys, Owen Hawk, Kirk Cummings: This is correct. Congratulations!
    Diesel Washington: First of all, he is gorgeous. Absolutely amazing. Extremely attractive man. And he tells the truth. That man has balls. Also literally (and they are amazing like him).
    Cole Connor: I don’t believe anything this scammer says. Something to note is that he is always the “poor victim” of something. Drama Queen!
    Jacob Diaz: How ignorant a person can be!
    Evan Mercy: Rest in peace!
    Presley Scott: He seems to be a sweet guy.
    Ty Roderick: Sexy.
    Xavier Zane: I said his allegations need to be investigated. Now he has documentary proof. May justice be served and may Ray Diesel pay for his mistake, as well as the terrible monster Austin Wolf!

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