Broken condom at CF’s Aiden and Connor scene?

I got this Facebook message from Alias74 regarding the scene of Connor and Aiden at Corbin Fisher "I've just watched this TWICE…and it is QUITE apparent that at one point during a position switch…the condom BROKE and Aiden continues to fuck Connor missionary…and when Aiden pulls out, pausing the vid reveals that there is NO reservoir condom tip shown on his cock in the "repeat close shot of Connor's cum shot" and when he makes an action to pull off the condom and tosses it…again a freeze frame shows it's JUST the last rolled inches of the condom and NOTHING else…"


On a different camera angle after Aiden just pulled his cock from Connor's hole to make his cum shot.


I think the wardrobe malfunction 🙂 happened during the dog style fuck position.


Nobody noticed that something was wrong with the condom in a shoot that usually takes hours to finish?

I hope CF will not get mad about this post and ban me from using their content.