The 2nd pair up of Cliff Jensen and Steven Daigle

Their first pair up was at Next Door Buddies released two weeks ago.

Cliff_jensen_steven_daigle_ndb_01 Cliff_jensen_steven_daigle_ndb_02

The 2nd pair up was released today by Lucas Entertainment. The scene started with rookie detective Steven Daigle investigating the death of Junior Stellano. Junior was really trying, but FAILED, not to breath.

Steven Daigle left the crime scene after his supervisor Wilfried Knight told him to go home. He passed by the bar and ordered "what a porn star should order to a hot bartender" stiff drink.


What's hot in this scene?

ONE Steven Daigle sucking Cliff's cock and his own gun pointed at him by Cliff Jensen.

Assassin_cliff_jensen_02 Assassin_cliff_jensen_03

TWO Steven Daigle eating his own cum from Cliff's legs while Cliff was jacking off.

 Assassin_cliff_jensen_05 Assassin_cliff_jensen_06
Assassin_cliff_jensen_07 Assassin_cliff_jensen_08
Assassin_cliff_jensen_09 Assassin_cliff_jensen_10


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