Duncan of FM aka Ford of CF aka Collin Thomas of RB (tip @ Jason401)

Using the name Duncan, his solo was released by Fratmen (FM) last April 2010.

 Fratmen_duncan_01 Fratmen_duncan_02
Fratmen_duncan_03 Fratmen_duncan_04

Then, he used the name Ford when his solo was released by Corbin Fisher (CF) last March 2011. Ford only had a solo at CF.

Corbinfisher_ford_01 Corbinfisher_ford_02

Today, it’s Randy Blue‘s (RB) turn to release his solo as Collin Thomas. Will RB be successful in convincing Duncan to do more than a solo?

Randyblue_collin_thomas_01 Randyblue_collin_thomas_02
Randyblue_collin_thomas_03 Randyblue_collin_thomas_04

UDPATE Just a few days after his solo was released, his first action scene was released by Randy Blue.

Collin_thomas_01 Collin_thomas_02