New guy Jack of Corbin Fisher barebacked as Chip at Chaos Men

As Jack of Corbin Fisher, his solo was released last May 16, 2011 and his str8 scene was just released a few days ago.

Jack_crobin_fisher_01 Jack_crobin_fisher_02
Jack_crobin_fisher_03 Jack_crobin_fisher_04
Jack_crobin_fisher_05 Jack_crobin_fisher_06

Chaos Men opted to release Chip’s sex scene first because according to him “Economic times, and the scouts and models are hustling to get in as many gigs as they can with apparently as many studios as they can. Chip did a solo and an oral video a while back. But I thought I would pop is first sex-scene online, since his solo aired elsewhere.

  Chip_chaosmen_01 Chip_chaosmen_02


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