Why the change of name for Levi Modesto? (tips @ Von Schlomo, Steve454 & C.A)

Last week, he appeared using the name Levi Modesto at SG4GE.

Levi_modesto_01 Levi_modesto_02
Levi_modesto_04 Levi_modesto_05

This week at Jake Cruise, who owns SG4GE, he is the lastest update using the name Kris Jamieson.

Kris_jamieson_01 Kris_jamieson_02

Why was there a need to change his name from Levi Modesto to Kris Jamieson considering both sites SG4GE and Jake Cruise are owned by the same person/company?


Levi (left picture) had a solo released by College Dudes last Sept 2010 and Kris Jamieson (right picture) had a solo released by Randy Blue last March 2011.

Levi_modesto_kris_jamieson_01 Levi_modesto_kris_jamieson_02