Before Campbell worked for Corbin Fisher (tip @ Holla At Me)

This week at Corbin Fisher, Campbell’s solo and his str8 scene with Olivia were released.

Campbell_corbin_fisher_solo_01 Campbell_corbin_fisher_solo_02
Campbell_corbin_fisher_solo_03 Campbell_corbin_fisher_solo_04
Campbell_corbin_fisher_solo_05 Campbell_corbin_fisher_solo_06
Campbell_corbin_fisher_solo_07 Campbell_corbin_fisher_solo_08
Campbell_corbin_fisher_solo_09 Campbell_corbin_fisher_solo_10

Like some stars that worked for amateur porn sites like Corbin Fisher, Campbell tried to work as a model. Pictures of him photographed by Michael Downs appeared on Masculine Mag.


But, he was destined for porn πŸ™‚