Aybars of Raging Stallion, Pavel of Sean Cody & Gabriel Clark of Cocky Boys

AYBARS From long to short hair for Aybars on his scenes at Raging Stallion.

THEN_and_NOW_aybars_01 THEN_and_NOW_aybars_02
THEN_and_NOW_aybars_03 THEN_and_NOW_aybars_04

PAVEL He started with the least hair on his body and with every scene, his body hair continued on growing. He only showed his facial hair in his latest scene at Sean Cody.

THEN_and_NOW_pavel_seancody_03 THEN_and_NOW_pavel_seancody_04
THEN_and_NOW_pavel_seancody_01 THEN_and_NOW_pavel_seancody_02

GABRIEL CLARK or LENFANT Two scenes of him were released this month of November. I would assume his solo scene at Next Door Male was shot earlier than his latest scene released at Cocky Boys.

THEN_and_NOW_gabriel_lenfant_clark_01 THEN_and_NOW_gabriel_lenfant_clark_02
THEN_and_NOW_gabriel_lenfant_clark_03 THEN_and_NOW_gabriel_lenfant_clark_04