We still have to wait to fully enjoy Mick Lovell’s scene as a bottom (tip @ Tom in Portland)

Mick Lovell as a bottom had been posted on the preview page of Belami Online. Unfortunately, it is a two part series.


From Tom In Portland “Bel Ami repeatedly advertised this Mick Lovell/Phillip update as being a two parter to be posted on December 28 and 29th. They posted what looks like a heavily edited down clip on the 28th, but then posted a scene with two other models today, the 29th. Several blogs are using stills that show footage, like Mick getting fucked on his back, that is not in the clip that Bel ami actually posted. In fact Bel ami is currently using one of those stills as the lead picture on its preview page. Kind of misleading IMHO. Several posts on the website asking what happened and even including screen captures from the ads claiming a two part update, but so far no answers from Bel ami. Wonder what happened.