We will finally see Jag/Tony Austin/Forrest/Brady Dexter in action with a guy as part of the Holiday Porn Marathon of Chaos Men from Dec 19 to 31 (Thanks Alias74)

He has appeared in six porn sites using the names Jag, Tony Austin, Forrest and Brady Dexter but he has only done one action scene, with a girl at Corbin Fisher.

Jag_tony_austin_forrest_01 Jag_tony_austin_forrest_02
Jag_tony_austin_forrest_03 Jag_tony_austin_forrest_04
Jag_tony_austin_forrest_06 Jag_tony_austin_forrest_07

If Corbin Fisher will not release any more scenes of him as Forrest this month, you can watch his “Serviced” video with Ransom, using the name Lyle, at Chaos Men, which is part of their Holiday porn marathon from Dec 19. to 31.



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