TJ Cummings, Dawson, Jacob of Corbin Fisher & Tate Ryder

1. The latest str8 male porn star who tested positive has been named. TJ Cummings [movies] aka Nick Steel did gay porn and he is currently working in str8 porn. I do hope gay porn will not be blamed. He said in an interview…he has never in his life escorted and that any ads that appear to be him are fraudulent.


2. Dawson is not an escort. According to an email I got from Dave, he did ask Dawson during his live cam show at Flirt 4 Free about his escort page and he said it wasn’t true. I am curios why the ad is still up and why Corbin Fisher has not thrown a fit.

[The image was removed.]

3. Is Jacob aka Bobby with Corbin Fisher? CF Pete shared last Sunday a current (?) photo of Jacob doing the laundry.


4. Is Tate Ryder really retired from gay porn? Seaguy informed me that Tate announced last month that he filmed his last scene before he retired from gay porn. But, he has not retired from escorting since he is currently available in the 4 next hours according to his latest tweet.



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