WEIRD Top to bottom for Joey Carter from MEN

MEN just released their latest scene for their category Top to Bottom where Christian Wilde fucked Joey Carter. It means, Joey had a handful of scenes as a top and he finally agreed to be the bottom.


Searching for Joey Carter on Google. It resulted to a solo released by Randy Blue in 2012.

Joey_carter_toptobottom_04 Joey_carter_toptobottom_05

There was also a Joey Carter listed on IAFD (no profile photo) and TLA Video had a list of movies for Joey Carter. However, it listed he bottomed in a movie released in 2005. So, it couldn't be him.


On twitter, he just joined last month and his media all contained solo shots of him.

Probably, Joey used a different porn name in the past, where he topped. Anyone knows?

8 thoughts on “WEIRD Top to bottom for Joey Carter from MEN

  1. Maybe fucked up in the release schedule and posted this before any top scenes.
    Not outside the realm of possibility.
    Meanwhile: Carter looks hideously puffy in the face, has man tits and bad acne on his body and ass. Hot guy…but he needs to prep a little better for shoot days.

  2. That’s either drink, drugs or steroids…maybe all three, but you would have thought that a screening, which I hope they do as standard, would have picked any one of those up.

  3. well, he certainly has the ass for it! Hope his scene with Christian has some chemistry instead of the usual porn by the numbers that puts out.

  4. Not all of the scenes MEN puts up at Top to Bottom feature long time tops going bottoms up. When they introduced their newest exclusive Jack Radley he scene premiered on Top to Bottom despite it being his first scene. If you go to the official Top to Bottom site they also have scenes of versatile players there too. They just kind of throw the videos when they want nowadays.

  5. He just flip flopped with Dale Cooper in MEN and he’s really into it. Let’s watch this man develop.

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