17 thoughts on “Fratmen Kristian is now known as Tim at Corbin Fisher (tip @ Jason401)

  1. Great body in the early pics, but looks a little pudgy in the new photos. Will he do any more at CF, or just disappear like so many?

  2. Looks like he’s traveling the same road as Colt – really cut and defined to … not. What a shame.

  3. Colt went from lean to building more muscle which TAKES lots of extra calories and includes fat as well. If you see his more recent scenes he has begun to trim the fat off and you can see the muscle gains. That said, I had a crush on this guy Kristian over at Fratmen and even if he is not as defined as he was he’s still looks like a stud, and guy on guy action I can only hope for.

  4. Shame that he’s in an internally homophobic studio like CF–not that Fratmen isn’t. We all know he’s only dare to do a solo and pussy fucking and hop to somewhere else. CF = The worst “Gay porn” studio.

  5. It’s always nice to see familiar faces at CF. Several of former Fratmen Studs have their cherry-popped during while in Las Vegas. eg;(Marshall (CF Ashton), Marco (CF Tanner)
    I’m hoping that TIM-2,..will join his colleagues and experience bottoming on camera. 🙂 🙂
    Thank U – DENZ for spot-lighting CF’s newest HUNK.
    PS: ” Hey Corbin,..how about pairing you two new HUNKS – Jake-4 and Tim-2 ??

  6. I liked him then and I like him now. Better to see him here than GayHoopla. I hope he’s back for lots of action….keep flipping through that Fratmen rolodex CF!

  7. I guest he is bulking
    but he should complete the bulk and cut steps before shoot gay porn.
    i mean he should do when his body is really ready.

  8. Shocked to see this is the same guy what the hell happened I am no oil painting myself, but come on. Hopefully after all of that ponding he’s surely will received at Corbin Fisher, his former hot shape will come back.

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