Would you rather fuck Brodie of 2012 or Brodie of 2015?

The last scene of Brodie at Sean Cody in 2012 had him as a bottom to Brandon.


He is back this 2015, where he topped Blake.

2012versus2015_brodie_seancody_03 2012versus2015_brodie_seancody_04 

2012 or 2015?

Thennow_2012versus2015_brodie_seancody_01 Thennow_2012versus2015_brodie_seancody_02

25 thoughts on “Would you rather fuck Brodie of 2012 or Brodie of 2015?

  1. He looked better in 2012 but even if he still looked like that i’m still not that excited over his return. In fact all the comebacks of older “fan favorites” has been pretty underwhelming to me.

  2. That’s not a steroid physique. He’s always had some muscle, now combined with beer and burgers.

  3. In answering DENZ question DIRECTLY….. I prefer Brodie back in 2012,…(1) because he’s three years younger (2) because he looked trimmer/leaner back then. ” My type of GUY “!!
    Nevertheless,…Happy to see him back in San Diego. 🙂 🙂
    Thanks DENZ for putting a spot-light on Brodie’s comeback.

  4. Fuck 2012 Brodie, but be fucked by 2015 Brodie.
    Truthfully, and more importantly, I miss harry Brodie….I do no love his shaved looked.

  5. I agree with the many others saying that I’m glad he is back… I’d take him regardless…

  6. Brodie has always made my dick something fierce! While I prefer the leaner and more cut 2012 Brodie, I sure as hell wouldn’t turn him down now! And that internal cumshot he gave Blake – fuckin’ priceless. Yowza! I am soooo glad he’s back!

  7. In 2012 Brodie was one of SC´s best models so I´m very happy that he returned. BUT his new haircut is terrible and I want him to regain his fit body from 2012. @George: I agree! I´m very fond of Brodie but of course I´d rather fuck Brandon! 😉 Brandon is in my opinion SC´s best model.

  8. The change in Brodie is just the natural maturing in a male. He looks like he’s a bit more towards the endomorph side of the scale, so he will need to watch his diet. Mostly, it is good to see a guy come back who puts on a good performance. Wish there were more like him.

  9. Bot the original look of Brodie is by far the hottest. I mean the look he had long before 2012.

  10. Maybe he’s an endomesomorph or mesoendomorph or whatever the term is. Either way, I know some guys like him that are caught in between the muscular and chubby ends of the spectrum.

  11. I would give it up to 2012 or 2015 Brodie, but I do prefer his earlier look in which his muscles were more defined and his hair a bit longer.He was mostly a top at SC but did three hot scenes bottoming for Jamie, Brandon and Richard. His best topping scenes were with Calvin and Jake.

  12. I can’t work it out…”Brodie” has a Facebook profile and he’s in a relationship with a guy, but I can’t tell if it’s real or if the boyfriend is just a psycho and has created a fake Brodie.

  13. Well we ar all are getting older and ‘Brodie’s’ ageing fine. So what he’s a bit beefier amen for that. Nice to see a mixture of oldies and newish-bes mixing it up.

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