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8 questions with the 6’5″ Dolf Dietrich on love

1. How did you meet Drew Sebastian?

Drew and I were cast together in a one-on-one scene for Treasure Island Media last year on June 12th, which happened to be my birthday.. It was sort of a big birthday treat to myself.


After filming a scorching hot scene, I decided I was going to ask him out on a proper date. We spent the rest of the weekend together getting to know each other, and of course fucking!

2. Describe the courtship.

Our first date was him coming to my hotel is SF the day after the shoot. He brought some champagne and I got some take-out food. We watched a movie, but talked through the entire thing. Of course, we had already fucked on film, but Drew had no idea I loved to top as well,  so I flipped him over and gave him the first great fuck of so many that we have had… His response was, “WOW! I would have dated you even if you were a complete bottom! I am SO GLAD YOU ARE NOT!!”

2009 VS 2014

3. How long have you been together?

One year on June 12th, it’s my birthday as well as our anniversary.. a big day for us!

4. Is it an open relationship?

Not yet, although we have been exploring it with sex clubs here and there.. and we have filmed many times since then in multiple men orgy scenes of up to nine guys.. so if we aren’t working or doing a live sex show at an event we really love just having sex one-on-one.

5. How’s life now with Drew Sebastian in it?

It’s pretty obvious to our fans and especially people that know us that we are completely made for each other. I have never loved a man so deeply and he feels the same. We had just both ended long term relationships within a week of meeting each other, so we were nervous to jump into something so quick, but there was no stopping the connection we had. I am thankful every day that I took that porn gig that allowed me to meet him.. my life has become richer, sexier and a hell of a lot more fun since I met Drew Sebastian. I think I can speak for him, and definitely for myself when I say that we have both won some sort of crazy lottery in love. His is my best friend, my shoulder to lean on, my partner in crime and the man I want to spend the rest of my life with.

6. Do you watch Drew’s scenes with other guys? If yes, do you feel jealous, proud or horny?

It’s strange, we have discussed this a lot. I have no problem watching our scenes together with multiple partners, even if we are not fucking each other in the scene. I am proud and turned on seeing him fuck/get fucked as I was the day we filmed the scene. But, I do not like to watch scenes with him and other men that I was not part of. I feel instantly jealous.

7. Is there a difference between your love making on camera and off camera?


Yes indeed. Except for the scene we shot for Lucas recently which is featured on ‘Drew Sebastian’s Raw Seduction’. That is very representative of our love making at home (except for the double-headed dildo scene, that was a first for us). The big difference is that I love to top Drew in private and look deeply into his eyes while I am fucking him and feel no distractions of cameras or people in the room, a complete connection with him, it’s the hottest sex I have EVER had. When it comes to filming, I am usually the bottom for Drew because that’s what people expect. We really switched it up in the Lucas scene though. We flip-fuck for almost 40 minutes and I end up fucking him about two-thirds of the time, it was unreal and completely exciting.

8. Will there be more scenes with Drew in the future?

Yes, in fact, Drew and are are of to Vegas next week to film our first fisting scene together for Hot House/Falcon Studios. Not sure which one will be the fisting top yet, it remains to be seen. One week after that we are filming with a lesser known but rising studio called Muscle Bear Media. And one week after that we are filming several scenes with Dark Alley Media directed by Nick Morretti. One of those scenes will be one-on-one with Drew and myself. We also have several appearances and live sex shows all summer, in Augusta, GA, Orlando, FL, and St. Pete’s FL as well as San Francisco and Provincetown, MA the two places that we share our homes and our time between.

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