28 thoughts on “Tweet from Damien Kyle

  1. My first thought: “Who is this?”
    So I Googled him.
    My next thought: “Who is this?”

  2. He’s gone fully gay now? I remember his previous interviews where he claimed to be bisexual and like pussy as well? These porn stars are very confusing. :3

  3. 3…2…1…”After months of self-destructive behavior, the body of gay porn actor Damien Kyle was found in his Westminster apartment. The rumored cause of death is a drug overdose. And the gay porn world is shocked…NOT!”

  4. He used to be a “top” model at BrokeStraightBoys. They seem to go to great lengths to present the models as “just doing this for the money”, even to the extent of wasting valuable time/money producing non-sexual scenes of the models espousing bullshit about being straight, girlfriends, etc. This model has never been convincing as being “stratight”, try as he might.

  5. Sadly, it is quite likely that this will come true. Every time his boyfriend (?) leaves town his behavior becomes more eratic. It’s a shame there is no one to step in and help. But it seems the only help he wants is money or unquestioning love and loyalty from his fans.

  6. I know they still try to sell the stupid ”straight” guy doing gay things, but one of his personal videos he stated being bi. I’m guessing it was just to get the job. LOL I don’t know if we can post links to their videos here so I won’t.

  7. My “stratight” wasn’t very “straight” as it should have been. Whatever, I agree these guys say whatever is necessary at the time, whether it is their thoughts or the script. The problem is that the porn fan-boys (us) aren’t quite the mugs we’re supposed to be and call the bullshit for what it is.

  8. I mean, he’s right. Some people are not all about the flamboyant and out there lifestyle. Doesn’t make him s self-hating fag.

  9. And seriously? To the ppl pissed about this tweet: get the fuck over yourselves. FFS.

  10. He shows pretty obvious signs of insecurity and self hate (not just here but on his facebook page as well) Just because you don’t act flamboyantly doesn’t mean you should put people down who are like that. He is just as bad an any str8 homophobic bigot

  11. Is this Damien Kyle? Why else would you post 2 separate comments in defense of his shitty behavior?
    LMAO Get over YOURself peabrain. Not everyone reacts to things the same way, some people are inflamed over this and that is their right

  12. If ppl are inflamed, then that’s pretty insecure on their part. I don’t even watch his scenes that much, but I won’t be pissed bc he’s not into acting like a queen.

  13. I don’t seem him putting anyone down. Honestly, there’s worst stuff to be angry over.

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