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Add Luke Adams to the Johnny V & Joey D relationship (tip @ Yeremia)

Move over Steve Pena, Brent Everett & Jayson Smith, there is a new thruple in gay porn – Johnny V [twitter], Joey D [twitter] and Luke Adams [twitter].


The relationship started with Johnny V and Joey D. And, after Memorial Day weekend, the duo became a trio.


How did it start?

Johnny V: I met Luke on set. He didn’t think I was into him. Apparently, he has been following myself and Joey D for years… anyhow, we all finally hung out on Memorial Day weekend, and it all happened from there.


Who suggested to add Luke to the relationship?

Johnny V: We all have such an amazing bond and connection. We both discussed it. After Memorial Day weekend, we booked him a flight back to Chicago to stay with us for three weeks. We all discussed adding him to our relationship. We communicate about everything.