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Tomas Brand and Logan Rogue have separated (tip @ Timothy)

Last December 2013, Logan Rogue tweeted a photo on their 4th year anniversary as a married couple.

They were still going strong last February 2015. Tomas Brand shared a photo with his lovely husband.

Last May, Logan had an amazing time out in the sun with hubby Tomas.

Last June, Logan Rogue shared that it has been 1.5 years since he and Tomas filmed a scene.

On twitter, the reference to being married with one another is not anymore included in their profiles.


This was noticed by tipster Timothy “I noticed a while back that Logan Rogue stopped listing “Married to Tomas Brand” on his twitter account. But as of about a week ago Tomas was still listing Logan as his husband. I noticed today that was gone. Neither one of them lists each other as a spouse. Nor do they tweet very often about each other aside from their porn work. They used to do this quite often.

FYI Their threesome scene with Drae Axtell was released last week by Lucas Entertainment.


UPDATE On twitter, Logan confirmed the break up (via DM).