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With & without condoms for Jack Hunter (aka Thermann)

The 25-year-old 6’2″ & 175lbs Jack Hunter [twitter] started his porn career at Harlem Hookups (now gone) as Jack Thermann.

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When Jason Sparks Live was on tour in Jack’s city, he met Jason for an interview. Signed up and changed his last name to Hunter. He enjoyed traveling to a new city to film his bareback scenes “The tour with Jason was awesome. I loved it. Traveling and shooting porn in a new city every other day was a blast.



For his condom work, he had scenes released for sites under Gay RoomThe shoot with Gay Room was a lot of fun! I liked it a lot and hope to work with them again.





He does get tested.

I asked him if he preferred filming scenes with or without a condom? “I don’t have a preference, but the condom can make it a little more difficult at times.

As for working for both studios “It’s a lot different. Jason Sparks Live is great, and he puts out great content, but it’s a little more on the amateur side, as far as shoot locations and how the scene is shot.