[repost] Then & now on Blake Riley

*** This post was first published last May 27, 2016.

Blake Riley was introduced by Randy Blue in 2006 and his last scene released was in 2009, the year (?) he retired.








Back then, DVD was still popular for movie releases. His movies were released by Chi Chi La Rue (now known as Channel 1 Releasing).


This is him now.

UPDATE It seems Blake Riley's presence at the Grabbys 2016 (May 27, 2016) was not only to attend the award show but to film a sequel of Heaven to Earth for Falcon Studios.


It will have a guest appearance of Brad Patton.


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  1. Chi Chi Larue … Chicago … Grabby’s … I don’t think it can get worse than this threesome.
    Talking about the Grabby’s: a fitting tribute to a struggling industry. Can’t wait to see all the pictures of the CockyBoys Clique and performers under the influence of drugs …

  2. I thought there was some big controversy when he did a bi film for Chi Chi and he made statements about how much better sex with women was. From the comments I thought Blake was basically saying he was straight/bi and the gay fans felt conned. Or am I getting him confused with Blake Harper?

  3. I had a horrible experience on facebook with this “LOOSER” .. when he was dating/boy-friend-ing a CK model AND denounced any comments made regarding is work at RB.
    WTF?? … B.R. worked for Randy as a PORN-STAR..who fucked and sucked just like everyone else. So what was the BIG FUCKIN’ SECRET??
    Last I heard he was aspiring to become a chiropractor….I guess that fuckin’-fell-through if he’s now kissing-up to Chi Chi. LOL!!

  4. he never said it was “better”, he said it was not as hard as he thought, and he left the business for his boyfriend. Blake Harper also never made that kind of statement, he enjoyed shooting the movie, he never said he was converted or was straight.
    People here love to overreact whenever a gay person doesn’t say “pussies are gross”, are you guys really that threatened by vaginas?

  5. People still don’t seem to understand that enjoying having sex with a gender you don’t have much or any attraction to isn’t all that hard for many, especially for most sex workers and it and doesn’t alter your inherent orientation. Closet cases, some openly homo men, fake bisexuals, prostitutes, egomaniacs and people with certain fetishes have been having sex with genders they’re not attracted to for years. Do you think none of them get any enjoyment out of it? Do people think all G4P guys don’t enjoy gay sex? In fact, many of them say that sex with men was more fun than they thought it would be. However, ultimately, everyone gets bored having sex with genders they’re not attracted to.
    The only thing that annoys me about gay men who indulge sex with women is when they deny they’re inherent attractions or when they try to act like their sex with women makes them more complex or special than homo men who don’t indulge hetero sex, and those types of things happen in and out of the industry a lot. Ultimately, proving you can have sex with a woman and the allure of hetero-normalcy will forever be a thing for many gay men in and out of the porn industry.

  6. OH NO NO PLEASE!!… The Adult Industry doesn’t need to have this LOOSER back doing PORN.
    Obviously,..HE’s NOT a Chiropractor….or maybe has return to being a homeless/broke-ass/street-walking Texan….and (Randy Blue had the audacity to call him his favorite Cowboy). LOL!!!
    Hey,..RB just mentioned that he’s returning to featuring AMERICAN models, so maybe there’s something in the brew with his favorite TEXAN. LOL!! ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ™

  7. Didn’t he retire to marry of settle-down with his boyfriend? I could have sworn that I remember a stink he caused about that, but you’re right…he’s either going to be on the bones of his arse, or has broken-up with the guy (or however many ones later) and paid cock is better than getting a regular job.

  8. what the fuck did brad patton do to his face, he looks like an older hipster lesbian.

  9. HAH! I just put up my near mint condition two disc DVD of Heaven to Hell….I’m rethinking that $12.50 price tag.

  10. In the new photo, he could be Str8 stud Damon Dice’s Doppelganger! Now thats a sandwich I could be the meat in…

  11. @ alex, this whole thread was boring until i read your line then i almost spit out my water…hysterical!

  12. Brad Patton? Hmmmm…name sounds familiar. ANyway, he’s a great ice skater!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. Oh! He still looks good but he needs to stop shaving his body hair and plucking his brows!!!!

  14. If you call yourself gay then get hard during and after sex with girls – that means you enjoyed it and are inheritly bi esp if you do it more than 5x. Boners dont lie. You can identify however you like but hitying the sack with both and enjoying it speaks for itself. Also those G4P guys are flat out lying. No one forces them to engage in gay sex unless they’re a little bit curious abt it. Anything else, is a joke.

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