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Bottom Line: Well, kids… it’s come to this: Dave’s Corbin Fisher “education” now allows him to be fucked using just the spit and rimming skills of his top, which is exactly what Quinn does here. Clip should actually be titled “Quinn Services Dave” since he’s not really teaching him anything so much as taking Dave in all ways sexually. Dave is way too passive, but who cares when a legend like Quinn takes the reigns. From his supreme oral servicing of Dave front and rear, he then pounds a wild shooting cum shot out of Dave followed by a distance splooge by Quinn which lands on Dave’s shoulders. With all the stars leaving the stable, Corbin Fisher would do well to keep a hold of these two. Absolutely one of the best of the year from the studio!


Fuck Dave is one of the hottest in the Corbin Fisher roster. Love love love his adorable cutie pie face (HD shows off the acne though) and that jock next door bod. This kid takes a MAJOR pounding in this clip from Quinn’s thick, hung johnson. Grab those tissues and get ready – the merciless monkey fuck and power missionary sections are brilliant.


Quinn is a veritable LEGEND, and this scene only cements that. A good portion of this scene, like a LOT of CF’s clips sadly, focuses more on the oral shenanigans than actual fucking (seven minutes of fucking in an 18 minute clip) but the oral is hot with both dudes facefucking each other (Dave is a bit more timid unfortunately taking only the tip of Quinn).


Also, take note Quinn teaches the viewer a bit – this tongueing of Dave’s swollen taint is a new maneuver I haven’t seen before in porn. For those of you who didn’t pay attention in anatomy, pressure on certain parts of the taint can stimulate the prostate.


Generally the editing and photography is top notch as always. There are more cuts obviously when the fucking starts but they’re not as prevalent here because we’re talking about two pros who can stay hard and fuck.


But what’s up with this angle? Props for the artiness but really it’s just distracting and showcases Quinn’s stretchmarks.


That said, you can’t beat the MAJOR MAJOR JIZZ money shots in this. They both deliver Hall of Fame Money Shots. Corbin Fisher would do good to explore more kink though (ATMs, snowballing) to ramp up the hotness….not that these two need any help. DAMN! GET ON THIS!


*** Dave aka Ely Black

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