9 thoughts on “Calan of Corbin Fisher as a model for a fetish clothing store (tip @ Alias74)

  1. Great that he’s a fetish model. Cuz he sure as hell couldn’t be a face model.

  2. Corbin fisher, the site that doesn’t update, except for a straight scene, and old scene? That’s really giving subscriber’s their money’s worth.

  3. His CF career debuted right after my Sabbatical started so I don’t remember him. I assume he’s gay since no ACS scenes were released with him.

  4. SC Kurt modeled for Ft. Troff a while back. There were some hot catalog pictures of him in latex jocks and a cock-ring/ball stretcher apparatus.

  5. A brief list of porn models who’ve modeled for them: Race Cooper, Brian Bonds, Hugh Hunter, Blue Bailey, Amerfist, Jackson Fillmore, Jason Vario, Dirk Caber. Basically, if you’re a porn model or just even a reasonably good looking guy willing to drop trou and live in or are going through the Bay Area, you can model for Mr. S Leather.

  6. Calan is a very good performer. And also good looking – both face and body. I really hope he returns to CF!

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