8 thoughts on “Orri Aasen in an oral scene with a woman at Maskurbate (tip @ Cody)

  1. I just recently knew that Raphael Nyon have scene outside BelAmi under Jason Storm which he fuck granny… Why I don’t know about this…

  2. I got to be honest, I have 0 interest in this model… but What the serious HELL Maskerbate!?
    Is Pascal not actually gay? Is this another straight site owner trying to sell to gay men with a fetish (and Pascal is just a model pretending to be the site owner like Jack from Jack in the Box)?
    I mean What the Literal hell! They are the only site who can’t even get openly gay models to do gay scenes, and the site owner who is pretty hot, only does blow jobs on camera (boring ones). This site is so inept… really they make our complaints about GayHoopla, Men, Sean Cody, Chaos Men and the rest of them look petty!

  3. I don’t know if you’re being sarcastic or if you’re just this hysterical and ignorant. Do you not realize that there are many homosexual/homo-leaning/gay men who get turned on by non gay sexual behaviors? If that wasn’t the case these “gay sites” wouldn’t be making these scenes. Yes, there are many people who complain about them, but there is an audience for it. Also, very few of these site owners are “gay”. Many of them may be homosexual/homo-leaning. But almost none actually indulge legit same-sex relationships, and most don’t like being around gay men. A significant amount of gay porn has always been and will always be ran by straight/hetero-leaning people and homosexual/homo-leaning/gay people who contend with internalized homophobia and/or hetero worship.
    This is also a site that started as one about worshiping supposed straight guys. It’s very much like Military Classified or BeefCakeHunters, where the entire point of the site is the owner sucking off/hooking up with “straight guys”, though they did indulge more traditional gay porn when Manuel Deboxer was there. However, even on their site page it mentions “straight guys”. It’s always been a site about hetero worship. So, I don’t know why you’d expect them to hire openly homosexual/homo-leaning/gay performers yet alone avoid doing non gay scenes.

  4. Sorry John, I’m not the ignorant one on this case. I am well familiar with this site and are long gone defending it. I mean, lol, pretending this site is a target for Bi Content now…? (After they bungle gay content for years? Are we trying to say they are going to break into the “niche” market of straight porn industry, now? Lol)
    It is totally not worth the discussion to pick apart and make a full on debate of all the problems with this site and differences from other problem sites or even just small sites in general. If you can’t understand already that they can’t even get models that regularly engage in gay sex to have gay sex, then what are they worth?
    It’s a total joke of a website, I’m not quiet sure as to why you are trying to defend it at all, especially with weak examples like comparing it to sites like Military Classified and Beef Cake Hunters which do regularly feature not only gay sex but unique models. Also acting like “straight guys” is some little niche in gay porn… (I mean forget comparing it to other porn sites, you get better action on Cinemax, not even Cinemax, but HBO! lol)
    Also I am sure “straight” site owners volunteer to reluctantly give blowjobs on camera or get stripteased, but anything more is disgusting to them! They don’t just stay anonymous and possibly run their social media accounts or even just manage the sites at even a higher level and delegate others to manage the site decisions and designs. Especially so, as it is the number 1 thing requested by customers is to see the anonymous guy who runs the site and make decisions behind the camera, who is often some really old dude, to go on camera and molest the models. Yes, the sites that do that are purely altruistic! lol
    Do you work for the site or something? If so, Get better content, Try harder! Have Pascal do more while he still has some of his looks left (or don’t bother at all), and maybe take over where Men of Montreal failed. You can still be a niche site with a weird fetish, but try harder on the content (like Men at Play)! That is all! lol

  5. Who knew that women suck dick too? However, I have it on good authority that us guys do it better. Porn Studios should conduct nation wide cock sucking competitions. Guys vs Girls. The ultimate winner gets an all paid trip to Europe to suck off Kris Evans. Let the competitions begin!

  6. I remember checking out his performance in a straight scene when you first blogged about it and he was pretty bad. I haven’t seen all of his Belami performances so maybe he’s better at gay topping or maybe he’s only really good at bottoming or maybe he’s just not good at any type of sex. So it may be the only type of sex scene he’s really qualified for is getting blown, so this scene is good for him.

  7. Pascal has a fetish for Bi and straight guys. He’s even hit me up on manhunt a few times offering to suck me Off. But I think they outsouced their material now because there are more Eastern European models there now at Maskerbate.

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