Cameron Foster is pissed with some of the readers of this blog

Cameron Foster wrote 14 comments on this 2017 then & now post about him. Most of them were the same reply to guys who said a negative comment about his now look “Look in the mirror before you talk shit 🙂 I also tried being vegan for 60 days during that time to get real lean for photo shoot so I was probably healthier than you! So you can FUCK OFF 🙂 I love myself and only getting better! Peace out..


He also said that he will share a current photo of himself to prove that he is healthy “PS I will post a new pic on twitter so you can look at me now and all the good people get good me and everyone who wants to not be cool and nice can go dig a hole and reflect, come out when you want to be a good citizen. So those non loving comments were ALL ERRONEOUS. I AM HEALTHY and if I wasn’t wow your such a bully to try and pick on someone going thru a not easy time, seriously Karma is gonna get you..

And, he has a message to the guys who sent out positive comments “AND AGAIN EVERYONE THAT SAID A NICE COMMENT MESSAGE ME ON TWITTER FOR A FREE YEAR TO MY FAN CLUB CAMERONFOSTERLIVE.COM Twitter @CameronFosterX Boo Ya! 🙂 I love the lovers and everyone else who wants to talk shit behind a computer can FUCK OFF! I love myself and only getting better. Bulking up, losing weight, growing hair, cutting hair, its all apart of the name of the game in modeling baby XO


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