From Jeffrey Lloyd “No, it’s just work :-)) I am gay for sure lol”

He started gay porn in 2016 and used different names but he is more known as Jeffrey Lloyd

The latest on Jeffrey in gay porn was released today by Lucas Entertainment where he had a flip fuck with Max Orion.




Jeffrey has done a handful of bisexual scenes for Bi Empire [gallery 01 & gallery 02] but his latest bi scene was for Why Not Bi.



He also done transsexual porn but he will never do a str8 scene. So, one of his scenes at Str8 Hell was not counted as str8 porn?



According to Jeffrey, his work in bi and trans porn is just work.

59 thoughts on “From Jeffrey Lloyd “No, it’s just work :-)) I am gay for sure lol”

  1. By the way, does anyone know if he works as an escort and where?
    The guy has it all. A juicy big dick, a pretty face and takes cock like a pro

  2. Contact him on social media…I guarantee he’ll have a price, but you just need to decide if you really want to have sex with a car-crash like that.

  3. They just seem like they’re being exploited terribly. In the US, the guys at least have the option of working at Walmart, stocking shelves or pushing trollies around the car park, but laziness or greed is what usually leads them into porn…but the Czech guys just seem desperate for Koruna and are willing to do absolutely anything, with nothing out of bounds, for even the smallest amount. It really makes things uncomfortable and it’s not even the same guys over and over, because on Czech Hunter and some of those other sites, it’s always new guys.

  4. Well I don’t vote Republican but otherwise you just described me, unfortunately.

  5. Why not bi guys are bisexual, otherwise why would they do the scenes. Straight porn pays less for guys.
    Still haven’t figured out why Wesley Woods is there unless he’s not being truthful. Mason Lear is also there; is he bisexual also?

  6. Wesley will do anyone or ANYTHING. He’d jump into bestiality if the job came his way and I’m pretty sure the only reason he’s working so much, is that he’s screwing everyone behind-the-scenes too. There’s no other explanation for how he’s getting so much work.

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