13 thoughts on “A first for LeeRoy Jones

  1. Good for him trying new things (at least on camera!), I look forward to seeing him on the bottom. The facial hair looks good on him, the tats are distracting and tragic – but you can’t have everything!

  2. I don’t care at all about him but woo everybody get fucked is awesome especially Blake… 🤤🤤

  3. I like him, with or without facial hair.
    He doesn’t suck cock but I have a feeling that he would try it one day. Right now I think he’s trying to get comfortable with having sex with men, which is incrementally improving every update. Now that’s something that we would like to see unfold on screen.
    I especially like LeeRoy’s scene with Ryan Jordan.
    As for Blake Effortely, I hope he tones his performance down a bit.

  4. Well the one tat of the Indian with the stars I believe is the Chicago Blackhawks hockey team. The stars are from the city of Chicago’s flag. Not sure of the other one.

  5. He has a really handsome face and great body.. he needs to step up the performance a bit.. so this looks good. Had hoped for a scene between him & Spencer but i guess that’s not on the cards…

  6. I used to love Active Duty when the original owner was in charge. Very durty. The guys are still hot, but the kindling never ignites for me anymore.

  7. On a side note: AD skipped the last mid-week update (usually a solo). Anyone know if they’re moving to weekly updates or was this a fluke?

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