The 2nd (?) time John Thomas was barebacked by Tim Kruger

For their 10 year anniversary, Tim Tales released the bareback scene of John Thomas and Tim Kruger.





This is the second pair-up of the two where the first one was a condom scene.




The condom scene, for those who were able to download it before it was replaced, supposedly had 2 minutes of John being barebacked by Tim.

4 thoughts on “The 2nd (?) time John Thomas was barebacked by Tim Kruger

  1. John Thomas is exceptionally hot and an extraordinary bottom. He has been with Jonas Jackson in several JustforFans and they are sensational together.

  2. Because Tim has a weird obsession with masculinity and anything that’s in-your-face gay, why do you think TimTales is even a site to begin with?
    Bitch has probably raw fucked a bunch of people over the years behind the camera

  3. I remember these comments from when they originally appeared. I believe Joao is mistaken. No one has confirmed his claim. And John Thomas’s tweet is completely supported by the video as it is: Tim comes on his gaping hole, and it all slips right inside. So he could easily have flown home with Tim’s load in his ass without barebacking.

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