19 thoughts on “Bareback with Collin Simpson or Ryan Rose?

  1. Unfortunately being gay in the adult industry don’t mean much. Wesley Woods and Arad WinWin say they’re gay and they had bi scenes. What’s to stop Ryan from following in their footsteps? Nothing wrong with being bi or pan. But it’s why I’d rather watch homemade porn.

  2. Ryan Rose not doing anything new he in his comfort zone. When is Falcon going to get Ryan bottom for an African American model? I think this guy has only done three scenes with African American men and they were not great.

  3. Ryan Rise admitted to fucking bi couples when escorting. His reasoning is he got paid for the 3somes.

  4. JESUS…just look at the state of Colin Simpson. I like that he’s barebacking (although it shows his desperation), but he has SERIOUSLY let himself go. It’s funny that he’s working with Tony Romero, aka one of his former Gay Hoopla colleagues (I’m guessing either someone at TGS is picking up their leftovers or Tony swung Colin a job). It’s really tragic though that the only site willing to take Colin on (when he was BEGGING MEN.com and Sean Cody to in Tweets) is the shittiest of the shitty and cheap, nasty site that is TGS.
    And Ryan…your bad attitude and husband beating ways have caught up to you at LONG last.

  5. Hot House has become unwatchable thanks to that gross looking dipshit named Trenton Ducati. The premise of that scene with Ms.Banks is off putting as fuck: a patient that hasn’t taken PrEP has two loads on his ass in the span of a day, and Ryan Rose fucks him without a condom? But he wears gloves, because that’s actually risky.
    What kind of Treasure Island shit is this?

  6. neither I will pass. Kinda over white jock boys and really never found these guys attractive in the first place.

  7. Watching the ripped Jarhead Ryan Rose fucking muscular Devin Franco, one of the hottest hungry bottoms in gay porn, should be awesome. Hopefully Ryan brought his A game to the scene because Devin is an insatiable hungry bottom who has had the best and can’t be satisfied with anything less.

  8. What evidence do you have that leads you to make the insinuation that Ryan Rose is HIV+ or are you just making a nasty baseless insinuation?

  9. Hello-
    Ryan Rose returning to bareback is fascinating. when he
    left Sean Cody under the name Peirce he bitched and
    moaned about the site manipulating him into doing the
    bareback scenes.

  10. Great decision for both. Using rubbers made me lose interest in Collin’s scenes LOOOOOOONNNNGGG ago. He’s not Benjamin Button, and he already shrunk his meager pecker with ‘roid overuse, so he needed to start getting bred to stay in the game. Smart, Collin. And after watching the glee with which Ryan took load after load as Pierce with Sean Cody, I *never* bought the “I’m a safe top for Falcon” horseshit. Here’s to two hot guys finally waking up….

  11. ::rolls eyes:: gurl, get. the. fuck. over. it and learn a new damn song to sing!! do you just cut and paste this crap all over the site?

  12. COLIN SIMPSON …. Bloated, Fat, Depressed Desperate and Drug Out is NO way to go thru life my boy !
    Its past time for you to accept that job at Burger King.
    Its Over….

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