Randy of Sean Cody in financial help for a year now (tip @ Reg)

Randy has been with Sean Cody since 2013 and now has 53 scenes listed in his profile.


This year, he had 5 scenes released by Sean Cody.






His work at Sean Cody is not enough financially and he has been asking for monetary donations for a year now via his comments on Waybig.



The last time he asked for financial help was 11 days ago. And, 3 days ago, he created a Go Fund Me page to help him get back on his feet.


107 thoughts on “Randy of Sean Cody in financial help for a year now (tip @ Reg)

  1. “pissed off that a guy can get physically aroused on screen to perform with another man”…then why do gay porn? Why on EARTH do GAY porn?

  2. Hello everyone. Hope everyone is well…if anyone’s feeling generous 😉
    $Randysc8589 paypal.me/pacheco2288

  3. This is truly what I don’t get. Clearly all these negative comments are from people who know who he is and clearly watched his scenes and then have the hypocrisy to criticize him for it. All I can say is being 100 percent honest, I thought he was incredibly hot — I don’t care whether he’s gay or straight because, as George Michael said, what does it matter? You’re never going to get to sleep with me. He was a good porn actor. He tripped my trigger. And I wish him well. He did a great job in the role and that’s all you can ask. And I’m sorry he’s struggling. He’s not the first or the last guy in the world to find himself in a financial bind. But because he’s a porn star, somehow that is license to burn him? By the very people who yanked off to him?

  4. Well, you pay him then. He’s put his PayPal link on every reply he’s made on this thread, so knock yourself out…but don’t expect any thanks.

  5. That’s obvious lmao….when they know who you are at work establishments, ite been used against me

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