8 Belami Online models quarantined in one place

Viggo Sorensen, Elio Chalamet, Paul Cassidy, Nils Tatum, Yannis Paluan, Olaf Mortensen, Ethan O’Pry (?) & Niccolo (?) of Belami Online are being cooped up in one place to do live cam shows every day at Flirt 4 Free (@belami).



No official word from Belami Online but this was confirmed in the discussion section of the site “yes, that is true.. I will make a little announcement when it starts. I’m sorry that I can’t be more specific but we are waiting on getting our Hungarian boys here and everyone virus tested. I hope it will begin this week though. There will be a link for a free live broadcast for all our members for an hour every day, and each week we will make an edit of our documentary camera to bring to you on Friday.


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