Kellan Hartmann is back in the arms of Gay Hoopla (tip @ MoPFan)

Do you still remember Kellan Hartman of Gay Hoopla, who had more str8 scenes at their sister site at Hot Guys Fuck?





Back in 2018, Kellan Hartman, who changed his name to Callum Huntsman, left alongside with the “production firm” that was recently hired by Gay Hoopla to work for Helix Studios.

Nothing materialized with the “production firm” and Helix Studios that ended in a law suit filed by the “production firm”, which was eventually dismissed.

If you miss Kellan, he is back with Gay Hoopla via Bi Guys Fuck.


27 thoughts on “Kellan Hartmann is back in the arms of Gay Hoopla (tip @ MoPFan)

  1. Just because the site has “gay” in the name it doesn’t mean you have to report on them.
    Food for thought.

  2. Nothings new, remember that time when his ex girlfriend exposed him of his lies about himself not being totally straight? The only “people” who misses this shitty performer are those bots on twitter generated by the company who also happens to hire him back.

  3. He was awful on the gay side, I think his cumshots were all faked, he fucked like he was half dead…next.

  4. He barely did anything gay so I don’t see why I should care…. Gayhoopla et al just need to pack it up and leave.

  5. Has Sean Costin left now too? He seems to be throwing himself into his OnlyFans and I didn’t know GayHoopla allowed that.

  6. Let’s just keep this simple for the rest of us by summarizing the majority feelings on here with one word…..

  7. Lousy performer going back to a lousy site. Great – that makes it easier for us to continue to ignore his existence.

  8. His gf went a rampage on the official Instagram of HGF or Gayhoopla.
    Exposing his real name. I think he did porn behind her back.

  9. Let me see if I can break this down: they say strictly hired to improve GH, does that mean a different airbnb rental with better lighting just for the guys, with the females restricted to another house so the guys won’t fuck themselves dry during after hours partying? They say huge investment, does that mean they’re paying for testing so we can see bareback sex or do they mean they’re just putting fresh sheets on the beds? They say new cameras, does that mean cameras that can operate themselves without the awful camera operators they have now? It just gets worse.

  10. Not sure who exposed his real name first but I do remember that it was written in the lawsuit document against helix.

  11. Wait, was she saying he was not straight? or was she calling him out for trying to suggest he wasn’t totally straight?

  12. It sounds like she probably had no idea he was doing it (a bit like Beefcake Hunter always make out his guys’ wives and girlfriends don’t know) and then she found out.
    I think these guys either need to be upfront an honest from the start, “I do gay porn, but I’m straight and would like to start seeing you” or expect some extreme reactions…”It really turns me on”, or “I’m going to expose you to the world and shame you in front of friends, family and the internet”.

  13. Isn’t he just as bad fucking the girls? Kellan Hartmann is hardly the only limp dick on Gayhoopla but if he can’t even fuck females?
    That’s truly a flat dick.

  14. I’ve seen a few scenes with him and he definitely is more into the women. His scene with Heather Kelly was pretty intense. Not to defend his dick, but it does seem like it’s pretty “heavy” as in thick…personal experience with those kind of cocks is that they never get rock hard as there’s just to much there.

  15. I think the correct sequence is: First, They are stupid and as stupid people do, they get silly tattoos.Than for being stupid they also are unskilled and destitute, so they turn to porn. Finaly with the money they earned they add more tattoos. Hence porn performers covered in shitty tattoos.

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