Justin Weston is now with Corbin Fisher as Riley (tip @ Chris)

Justin Weston [gallery] was introduced by Next Door Studios last December 2019 where he was serviced by Richard Buldger [gallery].



Over at Active Duty, he had scenes as the top to Mike Johnson [gallery], Jesse Nice [gallery] & Ryan Jordan [gallery].




Last August, he had solo released by Club Amateur USA as Foster Joad [gallery 01 & gallery 02].



He is the latest addition this week at Corbin Fisher where he was given the name Riley.



10 thoughts on “Justin Weston is now with Corbin Fisher as Riley (tip @ Chris)

  1. Denz, Justin Weston-Riley-was also Foster Joad at Club Amateur USA,Causa 698. I found that info at SexFlexible.com

  2. Riley’s hot and is packin a big thick dick. He had hot topping scenes at AD. I’d like to see him become a go to top at CF. Hopefully Mitch and Jared and some of the other CF guys have checked out his package and have already volunteered to bottom for him.

  3. Not impressed. Better than nothing, but not even up to CF’s current lowered standards.

  4. Amazing ass, not the hottest, but something is very sexy about this guy, want to see him in action.

  5. He looks like a straight guy with low testosterone whose homemaker wife cheats on him constantly and has already cuckolded him into raising her children with someone else who he works two jobs to support.
    (I mean if I had to guess)

  6. WoooooooOOOOOOOOOOOHH!!! I love his thick, full body! So sexy! Great nipples and ass too! Yes, yes, yes!

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