Rodrigo accused of stealing from women he drugged in nightclubs

I only know of Rodrigo for his work as the top at Tim Tales.


Today, his followers shared links to news articles of his arrest for allegedly spiking the drinks of women with a drug cocktail known as Goodnight, Cinderella and then steal from them.

22 thoughts on “Rodrigo accused of stealing from women he drugged in nightclubs

  1. Why is that g4p models tend to be the most troublesome? Maybe it’s time to not accumulate and worship such trash?

  2. Brazilian porn isn’t as infested with G4P as other countries, so the majority of porn performers and escorts are pissed that a straight guy is tarnishing their image. Twitter is all about this piece of news today. The majority of porn performers and escorts in Brazil are gay or bi.

  3. Almost all porn actors are to some degree anti-social. For a straight guy to do gay porn he needs to be someone who does not give a “fuck” what other people think. Has no shame and that allows him to cross bounderies in and out of porn. That is way you get so many thieves,peadophiles,rapist and killers in porn. They are anti-social and narcissistic.

  4. Scum as usual in this kind of activity. As a Brazilian I have heard about this ‘ Boa Noite Cinderela ” since the late 80’s always with the same usual suspects the ‘ michê ‘ ( Male escort: young, uneducated and destituted ) and the ‘ cliente ‘ ( the John: Old, closeted and mad for schlong )…the ‘ Noa Noite Cinderela ‘ is linked with an urban legend that says the John is drugged as part of a criminal plot, never confirmed, to steal his kidneys ( Kinda ‘ snuff ‘ movies or white alligators in the sewage…) However it exists here among some low life and whores to rob the John for sure.

  5. It may be an exaggeration but this kind of news always remind me the murder of Jake Clyde Merendino by David Enrique Meza: Sean Cody’s Mario Romo.

  6. Good example. Used that guy like crazy and had his pregnant tramp to help in the matter. Sad case. That man didn’t deserve that and I’m so glad Meza is rotting in jail, where he belongs.

  7. Personally, I never enjoyed Rodrigo’s porn. He was too aggressive. No sensuality, just big dick energy and over aggressive sex. It’s so important to not let a good smile, hot body, nice ass and a big dick blind you from reality of these guys. They’re trouble and I’m gonna be honest… if it’s too good to be true, most likely it’s exactly that, too good to be true.
    This crazy nutcase is on his Twitter account asking for DMs about personal Netflix accounts. Complete loser. No need to binge watch Orange Is The New Black hunny, you’ll be living the show in real life.

  8. What happened to him going blind??? he was posting shit about going blind …… and also it’s goodnight sleeping beauty, NOT Cinderella they have had this fucked up fro decades hahaha and yes it did used to happen in a lot before the 90’s where sleeping meds like Xanax you can get over the counter .. they drug up a tourist go back to his hotel /house and steal everything , it happens today in the USa too my dears. Brazil does not allow additional guests allowed to enter a hotel room without proper ID this stopped all of that craziness

  9. I have a masters in Clinical Psych. That is waaaaaaaay to broad of a statement to paint a group of people.

  10. Of the hundreds or maybe thousands of G4P guys that have acted in gay porn over the decades most have not been “troublesome”. Stop with the sweeping generalizations. You sound like the homophobes who say you can’t trust any gay men to be around young boys because some have been child molesters.

  11. never enjoyed his bland top (bwaaa) performances at timtales, regretably a lot of -luckily not all of them – these pornstars/escorts from southern america (oh those columbians) all have a criminal side to them

  12. Sure, but when Cardi B does the same thing she’s a “hustler” and a “voice for the LGBT” and not to mention, a Grammy Award winning artist.
    Let’s drop the double standards.

  13. You’ve got Jason with the fake English accent who bludgeoned a man to death and got life in prison.
    There was the guy who faked his victim’s will on a napkin and fled.
    Jared didn’t kill, but he was a extortionist.
    I’m not kidding when I say that there are quite probably 100 Sean Cody models with criminal records, ranging from DUI to assault and battery, taking in child abuse along the way.
    I swear…their scouts trawl court reports and mugshots, not gyms and Model Mayhem.

  14. This actor was always pathetic in his scenes, he could have a big cock, but watching him fuck the way he did it seemed more like he was raping his partner rather than fucking him.
    Now, what I would suggest to you, and this goes to anyone who thinks like you, is not to classify all of us who are South Americans as human scum, because scum or garbage gathers anywhere, regardless of the place, the country, race, religion, or sexual condition or gender. Do not generalize, each person is a completely different world and some have incredible things to share and others are just empty, like this boy.

  15. Oh shut up, g4p is all trash reason why gay porn is dead, terrible wooden performers who can’t get it up and small to average ducks to boost. Lmao at least the g4p of the 90s were hot and had big ducks.

  16. I Know well this guy and no is a bad boy, he is gentleman and sweet. i Hope he’ll soon free !!!!!!!!!!!

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