Luke Geer with Vinny Wheeler, Carter Woods with Miller Axton and Johnny B with Andy Taylor

The 5’11 Luke Geer (aka Adamek Alex etc) as the top to the 5’4 Vinny Wheeler (aka Ivan Jurdan etc) at Southern Strokes.

Sizedifference_ LukeGeer_VinnyWheeler_01

Sizedifference_ LukeGeer_VinnyWheeler_02

Sizedifference_ LukeGeer_VinnyWheeler_03

The 6’2 Carter Woods as the top to the 5’5 Miller Axton (retired?) at Next Door Studios.

Sizedifference_ carterwoods_milleraxton_01

Sizedifference_ carterwoods_milleraxton_02

And, the 6’2 Johnny B as the top to the 5’7 Andy Taylor at Falcon Studios.

Sizedifference_ johnnyb_andytaylor_01

Sizedifference_ johnnyb_andytaylor_02


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