7 thoughts on “Then & now on Garrett of Sean Cody

  1. Well Done Garrett.
    I don’t say this often but time has been good to this guy. He has aged very well.
    Garrett also looks like he is smarter than 95% of other porn “stars” – He stopped at just a little body ink, he knew when to stop!
    For showing that amount of common sense he gets to pass to the next round.

  2. Nice! I remember this guy and I have his solo, and I don’t keep many of those and he’s hot. Was 23, now 27, hope he’s versatile. Huge cum shots four years ago.

  3. If they have brought back a model from 2016, I hope they can also bring back a heavy favorite who went inactive in 2018 who goes by the name SHAW. i miss him so much. 😫

  4. Yep. As beautiful as a body and model, he’s yet another G4P. He makes it completely clear that he’s into women. (Sure Jan!)

  5. I’m hearing that this was a lame scene. Fake cum, lame oral and anal, no chemistry and poor filming. The preview was boring as well. All I have to say is that Randy Blue might be getting some company in the porn studio grave.
    Sad to think how the downfall of SC is rapidly approaching. They quit the downloads, they snatched all of their better/older content and now they’re hiring and releasing models and their scenes who are nothing more than take a nap material.

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