9 thoughts on “Your favorite model for 2020

  1. Jesse reminds me of a “neighbor” kid who does porn on the dl. He’s “straight-laced,” but a total freak in the bedroom. I can’t get enough of him.

  2. OH FUCK Mason barely beat Jesse Lol.
    2020 was a shitty year for gay porn but I do have to agree that the top 3 guys were the most memorable. Took me a while to like Mason. Jesse, while not as good looking as Mason and Ethan, is the better performer and that should be the only thing that counts.

  3. When did these people of Walmart performers start to become it in porn? That thing is better looking than every 2020 debut and Elias and that guy at Hoopla is better than all of their 2020 roster? Um okay…. Gowns beautiful gowns in my Aretha Franklin voice.

  4. I’m glad Jesse won. He’s a great addition to CorbinFisher and kind of underrated. You can tell he actually puts some thought into these scenes as an actor when most don’t, like adding flare with his Versace lace underwear or his kinky coed scene. Plus, he has a very masculine face that you don’t see that often in gay porn.

  5. Thank you! Everyone hates G4P performers but at the end of the day, if he acts like he enjoys it, he should be applauded for it

  6. While I agree, Jesse has said he is bisexual. I don’t remember if he’s says it in his CF videos, but he’s talked about it on Flirt4Free.

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