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  1. Why didnt Ramons 2 trans scenes not make it as news here. I am NEVER into a trans but I find the tops to these trans super hot so I was super excited when I saw Ramon made his Trans debut with Aubrey Kate….pretty big news imo especially considering how big a star Ramon has become in str8 porn. I am not a big Xander fan, give or take with his scenes but I TAKE with his trans scenes. I really think either Jessy Jones or Logan pierce will be next.

  2. See that’s the point. Most straight actors either do trans at the beginning or end of there career not the peak. In most cases beyond that it’s because they have been put on too many “will not work with” lists. As far as Nomarr is concerned, I think he has been black listed in the States. I have doubts about Pierce he very proud of never “going gay” but Jones I could see doing it. Micky Mod or any other woke or sjw types, of which there don’t seem to that many in straight porn. I could see Corvus doing bi porn also. His twitter is looking a lo like thes pansexual sjw/ woke types we are used to seeing on the gay side.

  3. This is GREAT. Love seeing the fluidity of the varying performers. Why do we need to shame the performers for us being able to witness their exploration? I get it if the performer is phobic on any level; that’s not worth the support. But performers who allow us into personal/professional levels of inclusivity with their sexuality? Bring it on! Maybe we, too, might be open to more exploration in our lives.

  4. I am and have ZeRO interest in Trans….but for some reason I find men who fuck t’s to be super hot….i ignore the trans in porn. Not because theyre maybe not attractive but because the men who fk t’s are obvi sexual ppl who can be turned on by not regular turn ons, which is a turn on in itaelf.

  5. It isn’t straight sex that is for sure. I wonder how they are going to spin this one? Two men having gay sex except the other guy is wearing a wig and make up. MTF trans porn just isn’t for me. All I see is a mentally ill male who thinks he is a woman. It is sad and yet pathetic at the same time. Why would a man want to be a woman? There is nothing lower than that. And I don’t care if my comment sounds misogynistic. I am being honest any man who wants to lower himself to a woman is crazy.

  6. They don’t have to spin it any sort of way. It’s basically straight sex with a bit of a twist – not wholly unlike other genres: bareback, mature, etc. Transwomen are women and rightfully that’s how they choose to treat the scene.
    Your comments are not only misogynistic, they’re transphobic as well. And considering homosexuality was considered a mental illness in some places up until very recently, they’re also incredibly tone deaf. It’s OK that trans porn isn’t for you but that doesn’t mean that because you don’t see the appeal in it that you need to denigrate trans performers or trans people in general. T is a part of the LGBT acronym (and the most vulnerable and marginalized one) and considering most of the advancements in gay rights have been won by trans activists, it’d serve you well not only to respect them but appreciate everything they’ve done for your rights instead of whatever it is you think you’re doing here.

  7. But it’s not really hetero sex is it? Daisy Taylor is a bioligical male just like Zander. She does not look female she looks feminine. Porn is about the body and what turns us on it’s not about identity.It’s homosexual anyway you look at it.

  8. Why is it that some of these straight porn males will go ahead and have sex with a Tgirl and not even give them head. They can eat a P**sy like there is no tomorrow, but when it comes to a Tgirl they won’t even go near their d**k they just stay in the ass area. What do they think that people will think they are gay because they suck a d**k. Who cares what you do you are a performer what you do when you leave the studio is what you are. Women that are in lesbian scenes go home to their husbands or boyfriends and this doesn’t make them gay. Men are so small minded when it comes to this area. This is why the straight porn made now a days sucks and the retro porn is better. This scene really sucks and shouldn’t have ever been filmed

  9. If gay guy have a feminine face and feminine body, straight men get’s boner and will fuck them
    It’s a well known fact

  10. It isn’t straight sex look at the pic again and take a biology course. There are two penises in the pic. Women do NOT have a penis. You can these people trans women but they aren’t real women. They are wannabe women. Trans porn is a spectacle notice the porn always has MTF with the penis! You can use all the verbal gymnastics you want. That’s two men having sex it isn’t straight sex.

  11. They want to appear as straight yet they aren’t. This is gay sex two biological males fucking. MTF porn is a spectacle that is the part fans of trans porn want to ignore. People get off on the cock and these so called straight models aren’t very straight fucking another man up the ass.

  12. He’s always been the king of anal, so that doesn’t surprise me and I LOVE that Brazzers is FINALLY stepping up to the plate and not pass the buck onto gay porn to accept trans porn. I’m just disappointed that Xander didn’t suck, rim or get fucked himself. He kissed, but otherwise it was a STRICTLY top job.
    It’s only going to be fair when the straight male porn stars get into the fact that their new co-stars also have cocks, which deserve just as much attention.
    Come on Xander, you know you’ve got it in you!

  13. Was pleasantly surprised to stumble across those trans videos with Ramon Nomar. Like you, I’m not into trans, but if the guy is hot, I’d watch it. Too bad Ramon doesn’t suck, maybe in the future now that he’s dipped his foot in the pool?

  14. The trans era where everyone participates in mostly heterosexual sex then claim it’s “queer”. Oh boy can’t wait.

  15. I’ll be interested in the ratings. Usually this stuff would get an uproar but many straight aligned men watch more trans porn (both mtf and ftm) than anyone else

  16. I think this is monumental. Trans women have always been a guilty pleasure for straight men so this makes sense. And before you start complaining, remember that this was produced by a straight porn studio. This was never marketed for y’all so calm your tits. LOL!

  17. At least this puts those “they’ll never show this on a straight site” comments down.

  18. It’s a trick they’ve been missing. A large majority of straight men do fantasize about trans women.
    I’ve heard guys justify it because trans women put more effort into maintaining their appearances, with clothing and makeup, etc. They actually find them more feminine.
    And then there’s anal, which a lot of guys prefer and a lot of women refuse to do.
    And there really is a majority of “straight” men who would NEVER go down on a man, but fantasize about doing it to a trans woman.
    Brazzers might finally be realizing that trans porn is better suited to them, because chicks with dicks are more acceptable to a straight audience, than anyone resembling a woman in gay porn.

  19. If male performers working on the straight side of the business (ie: Ramon Nomar & Xander Corvus) are now stepping up and doing trans porn than congrats to them.
    I say this because the straight side of the business has long had a hypocritical stance on the subject of exploring bisexuality.
    Female performers are permitted to and encourage to explore their bi side but men….. Not so much. In fact crossover male performers are frequently blacklisted if they attempt to do the same
    Sex should be hot, fun and exciting. Not a place to throw ridicule and judgement on those performers wanting to explore their options.

  20. Fascinating and saddening to read the comments above. Wondering how many and which are by gay men and how many by straight men (and why are they reading a gay blog). If you do not like transsexual sex then don’t watch it and don’t denigrated it or the performers. Some are just in it for the money and as some point out go home to their spouses, gf’s and bf’s. I wonder what the comments would be like respecting a mtf who went all the way with the cut so there was no penis involved. And what would be the reaction to ftm sex videos which I see from time to time.Personally I like it all, watching guys explore all the variations on sex. I think too much emphasis is placed on the labels of straight, gay, bi, trans etc. A str8 guy having sex with another guy must be gay (certainly if he does it twice), what about a gay guy have sex with a woman? he is therfore str8???? Please lets let us all be flexible to the extent we want or do not want without dumping on us.

  21. Hmmm…interesting. I remember back in my slutty Craigslist NSA days, I used to put up pics of my face and butt (I’m much more fem than masculine) in my ad, I would have lots of “straight” guys reaching out asking if I would wear a wig or some sort of slutty girl clothes for them and if I did, they’d be willing to fuck me, lol. Many of them were pretty good looking, I didn’t have the accessories so it didn’t happen, but just from my own experience 10+ years ago, there are a lot more “flexible” straight guys than I ever thought…I think they want the dirty sex, but they want to fantasize it’s with a woman! Oddly, for me, I had more of them reach out than a gay man.

  22. Nomar is doing it because he has been put on a bunch of female models no lists and has a bad reputation in the industry.

  23. I think it’s really cool to see straight performers step outside of their comfort zone. Most gays performers fuck everything that moves, but straight performers are forced to fuck cis women only.

  24. I was really shocked that Xander corvus would be performing a trans scene. However I’m really glad that he stepped up. If you watch his Instagram live you would see how he transitioned from being a bigoted into an open-minded person.

  25. One of xander’s closest friends small hands also did a trans scene. I would like to see Seth Gamble or Lucas Frost perform at transcene.

  26. Something like 1/3 of western men under 40 report some kind of sexual fluidity. Most men would obviously only have sex with women given no choice but because of the opportunities and awareness and acceptance of sexual minorities preferences have become more nuanced.
    Xander has had sex with so many women he could perform in gay porn for years and probably still claim some kind of straightness.

  27. Not surprised since female porn stars are homophobic as fuck, it’s why men in straight porn don’t venture out into other porn. Some chick that used to work in porn said most men in str8 porn are bisexual but women have lists of do not film with, they are terrified of being in those lists.

  28. Nacho Vidal is now openly filming TS scenes having been screwing them for years off camera. Michael Vegas recently filmed a threesome with a woman and TS with double anal. Bel Gris now openly have men sucking his cock. Loved Aubrey Kate’s quip at Charles Dera on twitter recently when he said
    “We have a friend in common”
    She said
    “Your cock”
    Would love to see that matchup

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