14 thoughts on “Malik Delgaty, Finn Harding or Felix Fox?

  1. Malik, Finn and Felix are all sexy looking muscular guys. If Finn is gay, he would make great boyfriend material. My parents would love him and I would too. I think that Felix is a bottom like me so that wouldn’t work, but muscle god Malik is the top guy I’d like to have occasionally take me to pound town.

  2. Impossibly easy, more like it!
    Malik LOOKS hot as fuck but he doesn’t do anything…except tradey stuff. zzzzzzzzzzzz
    Finn Harding has one scene? Its early and I have no crystal ball but I’m betting he’s not on a path to greatness.
    Felix by a million miles, if nothing other than he obviously, authentically loves dick!

  3. WOW – That is almost word 4 word what I was gonna say….. So I will just say, “What He Said” πŸ™‚

  4. What he said times 100! Felix Fox is a gorgeous, sexy, young hunk who loved Dick!

  5. Please, someone cut Foxs’ hair. The shit is way too prissy. Delgaty is sexy, but whoever is producing/directing his scenes needs to be fired. Looking forward to seeing more of Harding.

  6. Looks: Finn (we need to see scenes)
    Performer: Felix (though awful porn name)
    All three guys are so much better than almost everyone else in the business today.

  7. The OF video of Felix bottoming for Rhyheim Shabazz should leave no doubt in anyone’s mind that Felix is the winner, hands down and bottom up!

  8. Anyone but Malik. He might have a body but if you don’t know any other way to perform besides that same routine, you get cancelled. He had more passion in that weird ass female gang bang than he does in his gay porn work. He’s clearly not into gay sex.

  9. Felix, whose actually into guys, the other two are hot sure, but their straight and not really trying to do anything other then get sucked and fuck

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