14 thoughts on “Sean Maygers, Max Konnor, Tristan Hunter, Dean Young or Beau Butler?

  1. Max Konnor has a strange body shape. It looks like he just has a torso and legs. He doesn’t look like he has a waist. His face reminds me of Steve Harvey. I like all he other men on the list, but Tristan Hunter should stop tweezing his eyebrows so much (that’s NOT sexy).

  2. Dean Young is a beautiful lean muscular bottom boy so he gets my vote. Tease all those hot booty hunter top guys and pick out the lucky ones to give up your fine booty too. Hot bottoms like Dean decide which tops get lucky!!!

  3. I wish Sean would have laser removal of those awful tattoos. Max is incredibly handsome with beautiful skin, but again…why the dodgy tattoos on these guys? Tristan looks a bit gormless, I’m on the fence about Dean and blah…ever since I read on another thread about Beau, he’s not even a consideration for me.

  4. These people may have the body (*cough* roids *cough*) but there’s no sex appeal. Also, being masc doesn’t mean to look like you forgot to buy a shower, when will RS stop with this tryhard shit? Also your Photoshop guy/gal is awful

  5. For me, it’s not even close: LOVE Sean Maygers! He’s a fuckin’ smokeshow. No. 2 would be Tristan Hunter; seen him in some hot scenes (fucking Sean Duran in a Family Dick series, for one; with Dale Savage in another). Beau Butler doesn’t do anything for me. Max Konnor is boring bc he only tops. I don’t know who the little blond guys is.

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