8 thoughts on “Bobby Orel aka Bruce Paul aka Xander Lux

  1. I tried to watch some scenes from WH again and god it’s soooo bad, some of them are hot but has no sex appeal, they’re dull and robotic.

  2. Gay porn in general would be better if they let them improvise more and if they emphasized the sensuality of the moment more than the basic mechanics of fucking.
    It all feels so paint by numbers and staged.

  3. Those last 3 pictures as Xander, He looks good, and the last one, both guys look hot…

  4. I agree, but slavic/EE gay porn in general was always like that, I thought they would improve over time but I was wrong… The G4P factor + bad direction def contribute to this.
    Even with the loss of quality over the years, american gay porn is still superior though, especially in comparison to slavic porn.

  5. I’m just curious to see the YouTube video of him doing the lockdown dye job and haircut and it turning out like that.

  6. Bel Ami has lots of G4P performers and they excel in producing the hottest porn for decades and frankly they are undoubtedly the best surpassing even the “superior American gay porn”. It’s not about Slavic porn but the direction and heck even Staux is damn great compared to lots of US porn!

  7. The Bel Ami producers actual put in the work and investment to make their models great. Most studios can’t be bothered.

  8. I think we’re not watching the same Bel Ami, because it’s exactly similar to William Higgins: Good looking models having pretty dull and robotic sex scenes.
    If you think that (some) good looking guys having boring and dull sex “hot”, good for you, because it’s not hot for me.
    The funny thing is when I search for random gay porn to find new performers for watch and the scene is very robotic and boring, it’s always of slavic origin, lmao.
    I take any american porn over any slavic porn anyday, I’m definitely not the audience of their porn.
    Tldr: I don’t like to watch dull/boring/robotic porn, no matter how good looking the performers are.

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