Chaos Men was sold & their latest solo was bought in Europe (tip @ Bevlap)

No official announcement yet but it's now stated on the website of Chaos Men that it is owned by Gamma Entertainment, the same owners of Next Door Studios.


The latest update at Chaos Men is the solo of Donnie Marco, who is based in Europe.



Donnie had scenes as the top for sites like UK Naked Men, Butch DixonJawked [gallery] and Bad Puppy [gallery].





And, up next at Chaos Men is the solo of Tom Bacan, who was given the same same at UK Naked Men but he is known as Vladan Krtic at William Higgins.




49 thoughts on “Chaos Men was sold & their latest solo was bought in Europe (tip @ Bevlap)

  1. Damn. Bryan and CM were that truly amateur, older stepbrother to CF and SC during the glory days. Can’t believe it’s finally ending.

  2. Wow… well guess Bryan decided to retire. Good for him, but I doubt it is going to be good for Chaosmen.

  3. Well that’s a bit of a shame. Bryan’s type was so rarely seen in terms of mainstream porn that it was welcome alternative as their guys had a more realistic standard and more often than not they really were open to growing as performers – as SC’s camera work and editing has gotten worse and CF’s stable has dried up, CM was kind of the best of both worlds in terms of the balance of returning guys versus new ones and being good porn. Considering that all the Gamma Entertainment models look pretty much the same, I imagine the same is bound to happen. And now I guess it makes sense why so many CM models ended up at Stag Collective.

  4. Quite a surprise. I’ve followed Bryan and CM all these years. He was pretty much a one man operation and I know it must have been exhausting scheduling all the models, flights, filming, editing, etc. I know he liked it and was dedicated to it all these years. Hopefully he got a good financial benefit from the sale and can indulge in other interests now. Best of luck to him and thanks for all the years of providing a quality product.

  5. I wonder if Bryan is going to work for them in some capacity or completely leave the site and organization. Maybe he’ll do camera work or editing.

  6. I agree with the sentiments from everyone. CM scenes that were my faves were hot because the guys seemed realistic (body hair, love handles) and not just porn fantasies. This reminds me of when Randy Blue went European. That shit was so sad.

  7. Bryan’s still listed as the owner of, a site launched in 2018, where models film themselves in solo or couples action. Maybe his plan all along was to get PeepShow up and running so that he could sell CM and no longer have the hassles of airport pickups, last-minute no-show models, filming, etc.

  8. This explains why my password did not work for 3 weeks. I could have complained but I decided to quit “this Bitch”. I did enjoy some of the models he used but when they use bought material, it is a death sign for some sights.

  9. Quick! Do a site rip before all the good old videos disappear without reason! (Still butthurt that did that to SC). I’m sad that I didn’t get to thank Bryan for all the loads I’ve busted to his good stable of talent over the years… His site definitely exposed to me a broader standard of the male form.

  10. I’ll miss the site and have subscribed on and off over the years. I hope Bryan will put out some sort of statement explaining why he decided to move on. It would provide good closure for both him and his many fans. I loved the site because it combined high-quality camera work and production with hot, all-American models representing a nice range in terms of age, build, and body hair. The brief interviews before solos and his wonderfully perceptive write-ups made the guys extra real and therefore extra sexy. Some scenes truly sizzled with hot touches like Aspen Solomon shoving his armpit onto Vander’s face. Others had a compelling emotional complexity, such as when Shepherd, who said he was totally straight, made the most of his time with Vander to do some earnest exploration. I was less turned on by some of the more recent models. Maybe Bryan felt the same. When sites become less fun for viewers, they’re probably also less fun for owners.

  11. Well definitely the last of the great 2000s porn studios, the halcyon days are behind us. Guess we’re stuck with only fans.

  12. That explains why a few of ChaosMen’s performers (Kyle Wyncrest, Jason Windsor) are at Next Door Studios now. CM hasn’t been the same in a few years. I think Bryan had difficulty finding the kind of hunky men that he did when his studio was at its peak. Recruitment and getting the men to stay at a studio is difficult in the days of Only Fans and other competitive studios. I’ll take Gamma over MindGeek any day. What the latter did to Sean Cody (destroying and removing all of their classic scenes) is abominable. I hope that Gamma doesn’t do the same thing to ChaosMen’s archive. I enjoy a NDS scene now and then. I would love to see Vander stick his beautiful dick inside cute Brandon Anderson’s nice ass.

  13. Agreed on all counts. And how hot would it be to see the coupling of big-dicked porn stalwarts Vander and Ryan Jordan?

  14. Bryan and Jake Cruise…they were the go-to-guys back in the day, with original content and guys. I don’t think Bryan had appeared in a video in a long time and I think he must be pushing 60? Jake must be in his late 70’s by now and he retired a long time ago.
    It’s a shame that he couldn’t have sold it to a likeminded individual, instead of selling out. All these guys just seem to sell out to these dodgy conglomerates that hire cheap Eastern European “models”, who are just desperate for cash.
    I know that Crusty Thong makes his own videos, but all his guys are straight out of jail, but the only original and actually refreshing website and guy who appears in his own videos and I think looks good doing it, is and Michael. He hires some really great guys and gets them to put on some great shows. Hopefully he’ll get more recognition now that the other independents are vanishing.

  15. The blowjobs in a Vander/Ryan Jordan scene would be great. Ryan would be in seventh heaven sucking Vander’s dick.

  16. “Crusty Thong”
    LOL, you are a riot! I enjoy reading your replies to me.

  17. What a shame and I’m not surprised as the quality and content was heading downhill and I was on the verge of canceling.
    Denz you should be aware that William Higgins had a huge archive of films and pictures that spanned over 20 years since their founding. Now with the new website format and new owners, I’ve been told members no longer has access to the treasure trove! As a long term member of the site it’s a crying shame and that will definitely mean my cancelling. William Higgins would roll in his grave if he knew Czech porn connesuers were denied access. It’s just getting grimmer each day with porn these days…

  18. Another one bites the dust; another sad day for gay porn. Bryan had his shortcomings, but his technical abilities for filming porn were unmatched. I have a hard drive filled with hundreds of CM scenes with some of the hottest models of the day. Many “big name” models seemed to have started with Bryan and his CM.
    As others have written, the writing is on the wall for good, independent studios with hot models. The answer is not OnlyFans or JustForFans. They are minefields for finding good quality, good value porn.

  19. What I’m enjoying about OnlyFans these day, are non porn stars making “porn”. It’s like Katie Price’s ex Kieran, who despite the new wife, can’t seem to get enough things up his ass. And fitness models…admittedly Liam Jolley is off his tits on coke and has a trans fixation, which gets tempered by getting a new girlfriend, but it’s great to see people who would never sign to one of the now infamously dodgy “modelling” agencies, doing things better than scenes with those companies would be anyway.
    The day of the porn studio is over and they basically only serve to give Chris Damned, Dante Colle, Collin Simpson and Michael Del Rey something to do.

  20. That explains the lack of good scenes from CM these days. My absolute favorites were the Edge scenes, and there’s barely any anymore. Most likely because Bryan isn’t running the site anymore to push for those scenes. 😔

  21. The reason some sites were so good, is that they were real people indulging their fantasies and sharing them. Bryan did it, Jake, Drake Rock…it was what they wanted to be doing, WHO they wanted to be doing and it translated. Now though, they’re using the brand names to push trash content, made for 10% of what the original scenes would have cost. Financially, it’s a great situation to be in…not for a subscriber obviously, but it’s shitting on the legacies of once great websites.

  22. Agree, they were my top 3 sites for years. Amazing that Bryan was able to do it so well, for so long. He really knew how to film a scene to make it look real, never rushed, great angle,no slapdash editing, just really good.
    Bryan wasn’t as good at recruiting hot guys all the time, but he did feature some great looking guys never seen anywhere else.
    However, there was a serious fall in quality of the guys he was using over the past 2-3 years.
    SC was ruined over 5 yrs ago, it seems CF now has a roster of only 5 guys- only 2 goodlooking, and now CM will get much worse.
    I hope he was paid well for the site.

  23. I am truly saddened by this news. I will be canceling my membership after several years.

  24. Ha I already did with all the old videos I have over 1000 videos of his of each guy from the start to the place they ended. But, it is sad that Bryan has sold it he was one HOT man himbself and also have his solo too.

  25. I got all the classics and downloaded the sets of some of the great guys on SC like Ford, Grant, Rodney and a lot more. I have over 1000 of these videos too.

  26. A majority of the EDGE scenes are out there and can be found in several places.

  27. Now it will go to international models from William Higgins and other international sites which is sad I will no longer be downloading or subscribing to this site anymore. It really is the end of an excellent era. Sad to see him go. I hope he does well in his future endeavors. He is definitely one man I would have loved to date. GOOD LUCK BRYAN!

  28. Gamma buying Chaosmen shouldn’t come as a surprise since they are “trying” to compete with Mindgeek, who seems to own all the other studios EXCEPT for Corbin Fisher, Randy Blue and Helix Studios. For now.

  29. Saw this coming. I dropped my WH membership after Bill died. But before I did I went to the their classic site and downloaded everything I wanted.

  30. “…older stepbrother…”
    Ockert actually started at Sean Cody and while I’m not sure when exactly Chaos started, I think CF hit around 2003-2004. Ockert would be Sean Cody’s younger sibling.

  31. Damn. It looks like almost all the original sites from the advent of the broadband age have been consolidated into some faceless, straight-owned/influenced corporation. Diversified professional porn has reached yet another low and appears to be in a state of terminal decline.

  32. After looking at the company I don’t think it could have been sold to a more disinterested party:
    It is now just one of thousands of websites under their management; there is no way they give a fuck about any one of them.

  33. Well they couldn’t have started with a model more in the former tradition of Chaos Men like Davin, Vander or Jamison. Handsome, Slavic looks, hunky and hairy. On ‘top’, Donnie appears to be fully gay. First time I see him do ass-play to himself. Moderate, but it’s a start. Could become the next Paddy O’Brian or Malik Delgaty. Hotter, really. William Higgins missed the boat here.

  34. This is very sad news indeed. I sent an email to Bryan over a week ago asking for more information about this and I never received a reply. Mind you, the only email address I had for Bryan was a chaosmen dot com address, so it looks like he no longer has access to that email address anymore. My email did convert into a support ticket, that has also not been answered. I guess this is an indication that you can no longer expect the personal touch that Bryan gave to his site, including customer service. I was hoping Bryan would still be involved with the production aspect of his site and let someone else take care of everything else, but it’s starting to look like he’s no longer involved in any way. I always admired Bryan’s focus on producing top quality content and he always provided subscribers with a great product that also represented excellent value for money. Good luck with everything Bryan and thank you for creating a wonderful site that I and many others have enjoyed over the years. I am hoping Gamma Entertainment will work hard to keep the site at the high standard Bryan did consistently for so many years.

  35. I imagine that he’s been out of it for a while. He’ll have done this deal and by the time we’re finding out, he’s probably retired in a condo somewhere.

  36. Today’s (Wednesday) update is another solo, breaking Bryan’s fairly-consistent pattern of Monday solos, Wednesday oral scenes and Friday full-on sex. I suspect the ratio of solos to action scene is going to increase under the new management. 🙁

  37. “thousands of websites”
    I made a rough count of the size of that list and good grief you are not exaggerating.

  38. This is a bummer, been a subscriber for at least 13 years. CM was the last dependable studio with a stream of new guys, and regular great guys. His filming was always spot on, he knew how to put his talent at ease and get the most out of each scene. I fear for what is ahead. Porn has turned into a race to the bottom, it was nice to know that on MWF you’d get something interesting from Brian & Chaos Men. RIP

  39. Same here. Been a member since 2007 and this will be my last month. Bryan typically had a good eye when it came to his models … every so often there would be a dud.. but most times he was spot on. Not so much with the last two. It was good while it lasted. Bryan and Chasen will be missed.

  40. RIP. Now we will see sooner or later heterosexual sex being promoted as gay sex.

  41. Are you sure it’s the studio that’s been sold or it’s just the management of the site? Falcon has the same tagline/banner but they’re not owned by Gamma.
    However, that does not change the dramatic decrease of the quality of the studio. I feel like gay porn in general reaches new lows everyday, with a business like OF starting to crumble as well, I do not see a brighter future for this industry. There were better directors, better plots (I mean, some of them), better looking AND better acting guys and just a better environment in general. Now take a look at a random studio: it’s just about a random gay hoe from the street with no skills whatsoever with some gay4pay guys here and there.
    No wonder most gay men are bad at sex, y’all better start to put some work

  42. Gay porn died the moment sean cody was sold to mindgeek, mind geek has pretty much destroyed gay porn.

  43. I know. I have my favorite ones saved, but I always look forward to new ones. Sadly the last proper EDGE scene was released over a year ago, and I’m not too fond of the new models. It’s very hit and miss for me, more misses than hits recently.

  44. Really makes me wonder where Ransom will go? Or were Brian and Ransom more than employer/employee there at the end?

  45. Actually, Bryan started Chaos in Austin before he moved to San Diego and worked for for Sean Cody. “Sean” saw Bryan’s video work and hired him. When he moved to San Diego he renamed his site “ChaosMen.” He then left SC, moved back to Austin, and shot videos for his own site full-time.
    Here’s the story on ChaosMen :

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